Upper-level Student Housing

Find your place on campus.

Upper-class residence halls are designated primarily for students in their sophomore, junior, or senior years. These buildings usually fill up each year in the lottery system, so few spots (if any) are available for new students.

815 Hall - outside view

815 Hall

A co-ed upperclassmen hall located closer to the academic side of campus.
Special-Interest House: Art and Dance

840 Hall

840 Hall houses several Special-Interest groups including Art and Dance.
Main entrance of Blaisdell Hall, next to The Wall.

Blaisdell Hall

Blaisdell Hall is a gender-inclusive building made up of single and double rooms.
Main entrance of Bushnell Hall, near Peet Hall.

Bushnell Hall

Bushnell Hall is an all-female building houses approximately 80 students in single and double rooms.
Clary Apartments

Clary Apartments

Co-ed upperclassmen apartment housing on the edge of the residential side of campus.
Emerson Apartments at dusk.

Emerson Apartments

Emerson houses over 50 students in 1-2 person apartments. Each apartment is complete with their own kitchen and bathroom.
Picture of Haven Hall (outside view).

Haven Hall

A co-ed upperclassmen hall close to the academic side of campus.
Picture of Moore Townhouse Apartments (outside view).

Moore Townhouses

A co-ed, upper-classmen apartment building.
Main entrance of Porter Hall.

Porter Hall

Porter Hall also houses the Office of Residential Life on the 1st floor.
Picture of Whitney Hall (outside view).

Whitney Hall

Whitney Hall is a first-year building close to “The Wall”, a popular hang-out space for students looking to connect with friends.
Picture of Wood Hall (outside view).

Wood Hall

A co-ed upper-classmen hall comprised of mainly single rooms. Wood Hall also houses several special interest groups.Currently, Wood hall does not include air conditioning. 

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