Break Housing

Housing is available for students working on campus over summer break.

Summer Break

Housing is available for students who are working on campus over the summer.  Students interested should do the following before May 1:

Students will be charged for their room during the summer.  Meal plans may also be available while summer programs like Center for Language Studies are in session.

If you have any questions, contact the Residential Life office.

Winter Break

Campus is closed for during winter break. Students are expected to return home (or have alternative housing or plans) during the entire winter break.

Students with extraordinary circumstances should contact the Residential Life office as soon as possible before the end of the fall semester.

Fall & Spring Breaks

While classes are not held during either mid-semester break, the campus is still open.  Students can elect to stay on campus, return home, travel, etc. 

Some campus services, such as the library, may have reduced hours during breaks.  Keep an eye out for any announcements about different hours.

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