Current Student Housing

Information for current students to keep or change their housing.

Housing Lottery

The Housing Lottery is held every spring semester and is the method by which students can keep or change what rooms they have between academic years.

Yearly Housing Agreement Renewal

Every student must sign a housing agreement each year to be allowed to live on-campus.  This is generally done during the Housing Lottery and before students leave for summer break. If for some reason you were not part of the housing lottery and need to sign a housing agreement, stop by the Residential Life office or email for more information.

Living Off Campus

While most students choose to live on campus for all four years, some students are interested in off-campus housing options.  Recognizing the importance of the experiences students have on a residential campus on their “living education,” Beloit College requires students to live on campus (or be involved in off-campus study) for at least six semesters.

Thus, students generally must wait until they are a senior to live off-campus. If you are interested in living off-campus, please contact the Residential Life office for more information and to inform us of your intentions.

Moving Back On-Campus

If you were off-campus for study abroad, vacation term, etc. are returning to campus, you must complete a Housing Request form.  Please visit or contact the Residential Life office to receive this form.

Changing Rooms Mid-Semester

Students can request to change rooms in the middle of the semester.  Requests are expected to provide a good reason for the move, such as a roommate dispute which cannot be resolved, health concerns, etc. 

The Residential Life office maintains a list of vacant rooms on campus, including any half-filled doubles.  Students moving rooms must choose from the rooms available.

Students interested in changing rooms should visit or contact the Residential Life office for more information.

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