Transfer, AP, GCE, & IB Credit

Beloit College accepts transfer credit from other institutions of higher learning as well as AP, IB, or GCE A-level exams

Acadeum Courses

If you are interested in taking an online course during the summer or winter breaks, you may search Acadeum and then contact the Registrar’s Office at to determine if a specific course is available to Beloit students. Note: This search works best if you do not log in as a Beloit College student.

Approved Acadeum courses earn Beloit College credit and letter grades. Some courses may be used to meet major or minor requirements. Students should communicate with their advisors and the Registrar’s Office if they have specific questions.

**NOTE: Students may enroll in Acadeum courses through Beloit College during the summer and winter breaks, but not during the Fall or Spring semester. 

 Transfer Credit

Beloit College will apply up to 15 units (60 semester hours/90 quarter hours) of transfer credit [including a maximum of eight (8) AP, IB, or GCE A-level units] from accredited colleges and universities toward a student’s degree. Transfer credits may help students fulfill requirements in one or more of the following categories: (a) the 31 total Beloit units required for graduation; (b) Beloit’s “5 Domains and 5 Skills”; and (c) courses counted toward a major or minor. Note: AP, IB, or GCE A-level credits may not be used to fulfill any of the 5 Domain or Skills requirements. 

Up to a total of eight (8) units of online credit may count toward the 31 units required for graduation, provided that the courses taken adhere to usual policies of transfer credit (e.g. no “developmental” or “college prep” courses), preference for courses that can be taken under a “liberal arts” curriculum, etc.  Online courses taken under Beloit’s aegis (whether through Acadeum or Beloit) do not count toward this 8-unit limit.

Domains and skills transferred before and after matriculation: (a) Students may fulfill domain requirements through transfer credit. (b) Students may transfer courses to fulfill the “Q” and one “W” requirement but not the “C” or final two “W” requirements.  After matriculation at Beloit College, students may apply to the registrar to transfer credits in fulfillment of domain and/or permitted skill requirements.

Students applying to Beloit with transfer credits should include their most recent official transcript as part of their application. This information will become part of the student’s permanent academic record. Students applying as “transfer” applicants will receive from the registrar a transfer credit evaluation and graduation checklist. The evaluation and checklist will outline for students what requirements will still need to be completed in order to earn the anticipated degree.

Students enrolled at Beloit who wish to transfer credits for coursework taken after matriculation should complete a Transfer Credit Authorization Form prior to taking a course elsewhere.

 AP, IB, or GCE A-level Credit

Up to 8 units of credit from tests administered outside the College, such as the AP, IB, or GCE A-Level examinations, may be applied toward graduation. Students with applicable credit should have an official transcript or score report sent to the Registrar’s Office.

 The college reserves the right to review each test to determine its acceptability. The appropriate academic department will review it in consultation with the registrar.

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