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Fall 2020 Course Guide

This page contains current status information for all Beloit’s Fall 2020 classes: online, in person, and hybrid. It will be updated as needed.


Mod courses are using a new schedule format. Learn more about timeslots and planning your daily curriculum.

Format Definitions

All courses will follow one of the three following formats:

  • Online courses will be delivered entirely online.
  • In Person courses require the student to be in person for some or all course activities, whether or not other activities happen online.
  • Hybrid courses can be taken in person OR online.

Online Courses

For all classes with online components, course activities may be synchronous or asynchronous.

  • Synchronous learning events happen in real time for all participants. Students are expected to be present (online or in person) at a specific time.
  • Asynchronous learning events can be completed at any time by participants, typically before a deadline. For example, students may be asked to view a recorded lecture, post comments to an online discussion board, or work with peers at a mutually agreed upon time.

Course Lookup

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