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New Students

Finding your first courses.

New students register for courses in July with the help of an advisor and make adjustments during New Student Days, the orientation period that precedes the first week of classes.

Tips for successful registration planning in July:

  • You may register for a maximum of 4.75 units.
  • Identify at least 8 courses that you would like to take. Select primary course selections as well as alternates, in case you cannot get into all of your first-choice selections.
  • Look carefully at the necessary prerequisites.
  • Double check meeting times, so that you don’t schedule a time conflict when you register.
  • Current students have already registered, so some courses appear closed, but many seats have been reserved for incoming students.
  • The normal course load for first-year students is 4.25 units, which includes AMP. At least 3 units per term are required for classification as a full-time student. 

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