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How to Register for Courses Next Semester

Registration Dates for Fall 2023 for continuing students, returning vacation term students, and readmitted students.

Registration schedule

Register online via the Portal on the following 4 Days:

  • Tuesday, April 11: up to 1.25 units
  • Wednesday, April 12: up to a total of 2.25 units
  • Thursday, April 13: up to a total of 3.25 units
  • Friday, April 14: up to a total of 4.75 units

On each of the 4 days, follow this timetable:

  • 7:30am: Class Years 2023 and 2024 and students from all other earlier class years, tuition-free semester participants, and continuing exchange students
  • 12:30pm: Class of 2026
  • 4:00pm: Class year 2025

Online registration closes for all groups at 7:30 pm on April 11-14 and reopens April 17-May 9. All continuing students should be registered for at least 3 units of credit by May 9.

Prior to the opening of online registration, students will receive email message that lists their Class Year and registration time.

To view class year information in the Portal, log in and then click on the “Advising” tab. In the section called “Advisee Reports,” click the link labeled “Advising Detail for Students,” which will generate a report. Open the report to see the class year information highlighted in yellow.


Students who anticipate a problem connecting to the Portal during their registration time should email a list of prioritized, primary and alternate, course selections to, no later than Monday, April 10. Please include the full course code (e.g. ENGL 190 01), title, and instructor’s last name for each course.


Need help? Contact or come to the Registrar’s Office on the second floor of Pearsons Hall. 

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