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Spring 2021 Course Guide

This page contains information about Beloit’s Spring 2021 courses.

Specific information about individual courses is available in the Course Search section of the Portal. Instructions for searching for courses that are taught in a specific format appear at the bottom of this page.


Mod courses are using a new schedule format. Learn more about timeslots and planning your daily curriculum.

Format Definitions

All courses will follow one of the three following formats:

  • Online courses delivered entirely online.
  • In-person courses require the student to be in person for some or all course activities, whether or not other activities happen online.
  • Hybrid courses that can be taken in person OR online.

Online Courses

For all classes with online components, course activities may be synchronous or asynchronous.

  • Synchronous learning events happen in real time for all participants. Students are expected to be present (online or in person) at a specific time.
  • Asynchronous learning events can be completed at any time by participants, typically before a deadline. For example, students may be asked to view a recorded lecture, post comments to an online discussion board, or work with peers at a mutually agreed upon time.

Finding Courses that use a Specific Course Format

In the Portal's “Course Search”, use the “Campus” field to filter courses based on whethe...

  1. Navigate to the “Course Search” section of the Portal.
  2. Near the bottom of the page, find the search field labeled “Campus.”
    • For courses with required in-person activities, select “Beloit College”
    • For courses that occur entirely online, select “Online”.
    • For courses that can be taken in person or online, select “Hybrid”.
  3. Add more filters, if needed, then click “Search”.

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