The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program is a 2-year program focused on developing and preparing students for success at the graduate level.

The main objectives seek to increase the number of students in doctoral degree programs who are low-income and first-generation undergraduates, or students who come from groups underrepresented in graduate education. Each McNair Scholar brings essential perspectives and assets to Beloit College and a much needed critical lens to academia overall. The McNair program is housed within the Office of Student Success, Equity and Community (SSEC). SSEC reimagines how diversity and inclusion operate at Beloit College, and uses equity and asset-based frameworks to achieve our mission.

In order for Scholars to succeed, the Beloit College McNair program is designed as a two-year program. The elements of our program are as follows:

Year Activities Associated Units (if any)
Sophomore Year – 2nd semester

Applications due to McNair January 24, 2022.

Finalist interviews in February.

Selection of Scholars in late February.

Completion of Research Design 2nd Mod Course.

.25 (graded)
1st Summer Research Experience with Faculty Mentor on campus. 1.0 (graded)
Junior Year

Selection of second summer research experience program.

GRE preparation with test taken at the end of the prep class (2nd semester).

Start selection of graduate programs.

Present at, or attend, national undergraduate and professional conferences

2nd Summer

Research experience off-campus through an undergraduate research program.

Refine selection of graduate programs.

1.0 (credit-no credit)
Senior Year

Graduate Preparation Seminar mode course (Fall) – apply for a minimum of 3 programs.

Present at one national conference like NCUR or disciplinary conference


.5 (graded)

Total credits allowed under the McNair Scholars Program: 2.75 units.

Summer Institute

The Beloit College McNair Summer Research Institute is a six-week residential experience. Each McNair Scholar is expected to carry out a research project under the guidance of a Faculty Mentor. This experience is research-focused and should be the primary activity during the six week period. The experience requires full-time participation.

Courses Offered

Research Methods

Research methods is a module course taught in the Spring second module of second year to students who have been accepted into the program. The class prepares the scholars in research methodology for research conducted during the McNair Summer Research Institute.

McNair Graduate School Preparatory Seminar 

The graduate school preparatory seminar is a full semester course taught in the first semester of senior year to McNair Scholars beginning the process of applying to graduate programs. The course instructs and guides the scholars in the graduate school application process, and also teaches them how to do grant writing.

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