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McNair Alumni

The Beloit College McNair Scholars Program started in 1995. In 2004, there were two cohorts because Beloit McNair started the two summers research program that still goes on today, before then, McNair only had one summer of research. Beloit McNair Scholars have investigated, explored, hypothesized, and concluded about everything from Egyptian Archaeology to Mammalian Zoology. You can find out more about our most recent graduates’ research by scrolling down.

We do not have complete information for every McNair alumni. If you are an alumnus with updates regarding recent publications or completion of graduate programs, please email

Thank you.


Emily Anaya- Deconstructing Mexican Masculinity (Mentor Dr. Amy Tibbitts)

Everett Baxter- Detecting Seizure Events in Human EEG Using Wavelets (Mentor Dr. Rachel Bergtrom)

Autumn Gant-  Intergenerational Trauma and Populism: How Personal Experiences Shape Voter Outcome in The Contemporary U.S. (Mentor Dr. Jesse Carr)

Jason Lansing- The Spirit of Suffering (Mentor Dr. Sonya Johnson)

Chloe Moncel- Correlation between domestic violence survivors and sexual assault survivors (Mentor Dr. Kendra Schiffman)

Michael Strawbridge- Changes in Ferguson, MO since 2014 (Mentor Dr. Ron Watson (Nikora))

Evelyn Roman- School House Rock and a Hard Place: Measuring Perceptions of Charter Schools in The Washington Post (Mentor Dr. Charles Westerberg)

Alexander Villegas- Collective Security and the Future of NATO (Mentor Dr. Rachel Ellett)


Lydia Abraham- Self-esteem and Leadership in Homeless Teen Girls in Wisconsin (Mentor Dr. Suzanne Cox)

Desiree Amboree- Lost Boys— The School to Prison Pipeline and its Effects on Black and Latino Males (Mentor Dr. Bill New)

Alexandra Billington- Academic Self Efficacy, Support Systems, and Belonging— Low Income and First Generation Students’ Experiences at a Liberal Arts College (Mentor Dr. Kendra Schiffman)

Alexandra Flores- Hopewell Earthworks: Space, Time, and Form (Mentor Dr. Bill Green)

Brian Glubok- The Neo-Liberal Accident— Othering in Narratives of Young Women’s Sexual Practices (Mentor Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Jeffrey- Le Korean Beauty— Whiteness in Transnational Asia (Mentor Dr. Jennifer Esperanza)

Richard Noriega- On Sleep Stages and Waves (Mentor Dr. Erin Munro)

Saeed Roschdi- Optimizing Alcohol Dehydrogenase Stereospecificity Identification (Mentor Dr. Theodore Gries)

Theodore Williams- The Black Demands of 1969 to 2015: Black Student Protest Against Racial Discrimination at Beloit College (Mentor Justin Pope)


Jennifer Allmaras- A Multilateral Approach to Examine the Nutrition Intake of Youth (Mentor Dr. Laura Parmentier)

Rachel Bach- The Effects of Race and Gender on Substance Abuse and Dependence Therapy Practices (Mentor Dr. Beatrice McKenzie)

Jordan Garcia- Understanding Stress in Gregory’s Marmosets: A Case Study in Behavioral Observation (Mentor Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Oceana R. Gilliam- Black Russians? Gannibal, Pushkin, and the “Other” in Russian Perceptions of Race (Mentor Dr. Donna Oliver)

Alesia Hunter- Exploring the effects of using native plant species in landscapes (Mentor Dr. Yaffa Grossman)

Kye Ingram- The Color Line and Blurry Vision: An Introduction to the Baby Dolls of New Orleans (Mentor Dr. Debra Majeed)

Gabriella Onikoro-Arkell- Bro: An Analysis of Satirical Performances of Whiteness on Vine (Mentor Dr. Lisa Andersen-Levy)

Sabrina Sanchez- An Examination of Protective Factors and Experiences of Racial Microaggression in Youth (Mentor Dr. Suzanne Cox)

Alberto Torres- Molecular Plant Pathology (Mentor Dr. Amy Briggs)


Karen Bauer- Exploring two-headed households in Ecuador and how they go against Latin America’s traditional patriarchy and IPV (Mentor Dr. Catherine Orr)

Rita Bouwens- Who Eats What and Why? A Political Economy Analysis of Food Choice (Mentor Dr. Jennifer Esperanza)

Sudan Garner- The Hidden Costs of Agriculture: Exploring the Effects of Phosphorus Runoff on Aquatic Plant Growth (Mentor Dr. Yaffa Grossman)

Fabiola Candela Hernandez- Female Menstruation: Analyzing Contemporary Narratives (Mentor Dr. Nancy A. Krusko)

Milica Mihajlovic- A Second Chance: An Analysis of the Theme of Resurrection in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment and The Idiot (Mentor Dr. Donna Oliver)

Vanessa Pena- Parenthood, Child Care, and Work in Contemporary Amsterdam (Mentor Dr. William New

Jason Saba- Urea and Glycine Betaine as Probes of Protein Conformational Changes Accompanying Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions (Mentor Dr. Theodore Gries)


Dominique Bodoh- Suicide: In Relation To Demographics, Socioeconomic Status, And Economic Downturn In Rock County, WI (Mentor Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Daniel Corral- NCAA Division III Student-Athlete Engagement: Academic Performance And Co-Curricular Involvement (Mentor Dr. Kathy Greene & Tom Owenby)

Tamanisha John- How The Economy Influences Migration And Our Perceptions Of A ‘Raced’ Society (Mentor Dr. Beatrice Mackenzie)

Reine Lucas- Tracking: Whom Does It Affect And How? (Mentor Dr. Kathy Greene)

Stephanie Mayo- The Contemporary Education Crisis In India: A Study On The Educational Gap Between Boys and Girls (Mentor Dr. William New)

Rachel Monroe- Will This Work? The Reconstruction Of An Energy Harvesting Nanoparticle Enhanced Triboelectric Nanogenerator (Mentor Dr. George Lisensky)

Yasmin Rodriguez- What’s At Stake With High Stakes Testing: The Superintendent’s Perspective (Mentor Professor Carol Wickersham)

Tatiana Rosario- Pussy Riot, Putin, And Internet Memes: The Limits Of Soviet-Style Authoritarian Leadership In The Internet Age (Mentor Dr. Donna Oliver)


Naomi Bullock- White Collar Crime and the American Dream: A Film Analysis on the Image of Success (Mentor Dr. Ian Nie, Beloit College)

Kidiocus Carroll- The Black Arts Repertory Theater School and the Free Southern Theater: A Comparative Study (Mentor Dr. Amy Sarno, Beloit College)

Fernando Clark- “I Just Wanna Be Successful:” The Role of Masculinity and Alienation in the Performance of Delinquent Behavior (Mentors: Dr. Lisa Anderson-Levy and Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti, Beloit College)

Mackenzie Endress- Effects of Super PACs on Presidential Candidate Resource Allocation (Mentor: Dr.Darrah Chavey, Beloit College)

Caitlin Gunn- “Perfect Justice: African-American Muslim Women Engaged in Polygynous Marriages” (Mentor: Dr.Debra Majeed, Beloit College)

Janelle Perez- Si Se Puede! Creating Bilingual and Bicultural Classrooms (Mentors: Dr. William New, Beloit College and Dr. Fernando Calderon, University of Northern Iowa)

Diana Pinduisaca- Understanding Ethnic Identity Development and School Success in Adolescents of Mexican Descent: Review of Literature (Mentors: Dr. Sylvia Lopez and Dr. William New, Beloit College)

Jessica Torres- Military Participation as a Post-Graduation Option: Case Studies Approach among Latino Males from Chicago (Mentor: Dr. Charles Westerberg, Beloit College)

Praises Vega- The Skin Tone Politics of Women in the Black Community and its Effects on Identity through Contemporary Children’s Literature (Mentor: Dr. Fernando Calderon, University of Northern Iowa)

Patricia Weber- Queer Zines as Educational Tools for Gender and Sexuality (Mentor: Dr. Sonja Darlington, Beloit College)


Kidan Araya- The Emergence of Grassroots Environmental Justice Activism (Mentor: Dr. Pablo Toral)

Ricky Cotter- Stress Analysis by Holography (Mentor: Dr. Pat Polley)

Elise Giammanco-The Effects of Trauma in Russian Prison Camps: An Examination of Kolyma Tales and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (Mentor: Dr. Donna Oliver)

Diana Meza-Gutierrez- Factors Affecting the Health of Afro-Ecuadorian Women from the Province of Esmeraldas (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Vanessa Orellana- Latina Participation in Gang Lifestyles (Mentor: Dra. Aurora Chang)

Anna Osornio- NAFTA, Illegal Immigration, and the Economy (Mentor: Dr. Beatrice McKenzie)

Anthony Otey Hernandez- Beauty and Ugliness in Literature (Mentor: Dr. Diane Lichtenstein)

Derek Pugh- Social Determinants of Health that Contribute to African American Infant Mortality in the Beloit Community (Mentors: Dr. Marion Fass & Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Jazmyn Russell- Visualization of Chronological Changes (Mentor: Dr. Darrah Chavey)

Ulysses Smith- How Do Natural Disasters Adversely Affect Small Businesses? (Mentor: Dr. George Williams)

Raymond Thomas- Disparities in Capital between African-American and White Business Owners (Mentor: Dr. Charles Westerberg)


Dominique Clayton- The Real World Doesn’t Speak Ebonics: Teacher’s Perceptions of African American Vernacular English (Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Esperanza and Dr. Kathy Greene)

Amani Edwards- Language Policy and its Effects on Nation Building: Chechnya and Xinjiang as Case Studies (Mentor: Dr. Rachel Ellett and Dr. Donna Oliver)

Zoila Guachichulca- The Driving Forces Behind Latinos Who Complete Their Ph.D. (Mentor: Dr. Sylvia Lopez)

Kenneth Hodges- The Consumption of Black Egypt (Mentor: Dr. Shannon Fie)

Edward Lee- Ethnic Compliance and Racial Confrontation: Japanese-American Developments of Identity (Mentor: Dr. Beatrice McKenzie)

Nicole McMillan- Predictors of Educational Attainment Beyond High School for Teenage Mothers (Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Cox and Prof. Carol Wickersham)

Lucia Peralta- Understanding the Doctor-Patient and Relationship in Relation to Factors like Cultural Competency, Language Barriers and Time (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Nico Salas- Exploring Death in America’s Health care System: Opting for Hospice Care Over Conventional Treatments (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)


Katie Alford- Soft-Boiled Horace: Sanctuary and “The Simple Art of Murder” (Mentor: Dr. Tom McBride)

Brad Cavanagh- Expression of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor in Mice and Novel Diabetes Therapies (Mentor: Dr. Katie Johnson )

Jessica Chapman- TAKE THIS QUIZ: What Are Women Thinking About Men? Or, An Ethnographic Content analysis of Cosmopolitan’s Quiz Section (Mentor: Dr. Amy Sarno)

Allison Cook- The Relationship between Acculturation, Enculturation, Alcohol Use, and Psychological Well-Being in Latino Youth (Mentor: Dr. Lawrence White)

Janelle Cox- The Shakespearean Versus the Historical Treatment of King Richard III (Mentor: Dr. Tom McBride)

Rhiannon Dixon- The Social Construction of Childbirth (Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Cox)

Jessica Hellmer- The Color Line at Birth: Re-framing thinking on the incidence of infant mortality and preterm birth disparities between African-Americans and other groups in Rock County Wisconsin (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Gina Jacobson- She Gets It From Her Mama: Young African-American Women’s Sexual Relationships and the Effects of Maternal Attitude on their Sexual Decisions (Mentor: Dr. Lisa Anderson-Levy)

Min Kim- Capitalizing the Effect of Additional Stock of Social Capital by Looking at the Winners and Finalists of the All America City Award (Mentor: Dr. Jeff Adams)

Lillian Lara- Todo en la familia: Looking at the roles family plays in the college process (Mentor: Dr. Sylvia Lopez)

Julia Mulligan- One Nation Under a Groove?: The effects of Country and Rap musical lyrics on their fans’ respective lifestyles: A Marxist Approach (Mentor: Dr. Charles Westerberg)

Matthew Nattinger- Private School Competition, Public School Expenditures and Public School Performance: Evidence from Wisconsin School Districts (Mentor: Dr. Warren Palmer)

Sarah Powers- A Critical Evaluation of the Pak Man Dam (Mentor: Dr. Pablo Toral)

Jomar Salazar- Assessing the quality of body image in males and its contributing factors in active health (Mentor: Greg Buchanan)

Kevin Symanietz- Overcoming Apathy: Voter Mobilization in the Obama Campaign (Mentor: Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti)

Ricky Thorson- Idle Hands: Youth Employment and Crime Rates (Mentor: Dr. Josh Hall)


Mary Cobb- Yellow-Bellied Marmot (Marmota Flaviventris) Female Reproduction at High and Low Elevations (Mentor: Dr. Brett Woods)

Atiera Coleman- “Coming Out Stories”: Generational Effects of Identity Construction (Mentor: Dr. Kathryn Linnenberg)

Tamara Fouche- Racial [In]visibility in the 2008 Presidential Election (Mentor: Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti)

Sonia Laurie- Immunotherapeutics in the Treatment of Malignant Mesotheliomas: Memory T Cells and Solid Peripheral Tumors (Mentor: Dr. Demetrius Gravis, Beloit College, & Dr. Amanda Marzo, Rush University)

Anny Nguyen- Diabetes Awareness within the Beloit Area (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Anacelia Saenz- Time budget of yellow-bellied marmots at high and low elevations (Mentor: Dr. Brett Woods)

JaNay Sims- Nigger: Stigma Management in Hip-Hop Lyrics (Mentor: Dr. Charles Westerberg)

Jessica Temple- Osteoarthritis and Spondylolysis in a Late Thule/Early Historic Inuit Population from Rose Island, Saglek Bay, Labrador (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Samantha Wolfe- Measuring and Spatially Calibrating Cassini VIMS images of Saturn’s F ring (Mentor: Dr. Britt Scharringhausen)


Christine Brown- The Effects of Altitude on the Life History Characteristics of Yellow-Bellied Marmots (Mentor: Dr. Brett Woods)

Deana Brown- Bioinformatic Analysis of Selection During Cancer Chemotherapy (Mentor: Dr. John Jungck)

Megan Brown- Eliciting Complete and Accurate Reports from Child Witnesses: A Quasi-Experimental Investigation (Mentor: Dr. Lawrence White)

Christina Czuhajewski- Five Pots on the Stove: The Challenges of Reciprocity for Low-Income Women (Mentor: Dr. Marion Fass & Dr. Kate Linnenberg)

Iris-Ann Hoover- The Social Construction of Race: Biracial Identity and the socio-historical forces that shape it (Mentor: Dr. Carla Davis)

Dasheema Jarrett- Digging Deep Down Low: Investigating remarkable Truths, Lies, and deception of Black Men Living Double Lives (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Allison Kotowicz- Elders’ Tales of Beloit, Alabama: An Oral History of Beloit Alabama (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Chelsea A. Miller- Inclusive Education and Children with Autism: Are Parents Satisfied? (Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Cox)

Sidra Montgomery- Social Networking for Social Capital (Mentor: Dr. Charles Westerberg)

Jasmine Nears- From Apartheid to Civil Rights, Why Social Movements Succeed? (Mentor: Dr. Beatrice McKenzie & Dr. Pablo Toral)

Caleb Smith- From Floods to Fire: Analyzing the Effects of the 1964 Freedom Summer on the Development of the Black Power Movement in Chicago, 1964 to 1968 (Mentor: Dr. Beatrice McKenzie & Dr. Ann Davies)


Brienne Adams- The Weight of the World on My Shoulders: Repetitious African American Narrative (Mentor: Dr. Diane Lichtenstein)

LaToya Anderson- Fatherlessness and Teen Sexual Activity (Mentor: Dr. Kate Linnenberg)

Alfonso Colasuonno- Accentuating the Negatives: A Preliminary Analysis of Working-Class Males Attitudes Towards Higher Education in Anglo Societies (Mentor: Dr. Sonja Darlington )

Robert Cornell- New World, Old Rules (Mentor: Dr. William New )

Anthony Domanico- The Effects of Education and Sex on Individualism-Collectivism and Adolescent Attachment (Mentor: Dr. Natalie Gummer )

Rose Menyon Heflin- Effects of the Biological Control Agent Brachypterolus Pulicarius (Coleoptera: Kateretidae on Non-Target Species (Mentor: Dr. Brett Woods & Dr. Rebecca Irwin, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory)

Dawn Kaczmar- An Alternative Discourse: Nietzsche, Irigaray, and Kofman on Truth and Discourse (Mentor: Dr. Heath Massey)

Janna Knight- Effects of Acculturation on Eating and Exercise Habits in the Latino Community (Mentor: Dr. Sylvia Lopez)

Victoria Marszalik- Quo Vadis and Henryk Sienkiewicz: Polish Messianism as a Literary Method Within a Historical Novel (Mentor: Dr. Donna Oliver)

Katelyn J. Nilson- Under Pressure: Celebrity Gossip Magazines and Young Women’s Body Perceptions (Mentor: Dr. George Williams Jr. )

Greg Rankin- The Moral Standing of Physician-Assisted Suicide (Mentor: Dr. Matt Tedesco)

Sheldon Turner- Pre-Cambrian plutonism and metamorphism, early Paleozoic sedimentary deposition, and Late Mesozoic fold and fault tectonism of the Seminole Mountain region in south-central Wyoming (Mentor: Dr. James Rougvie)

Tasha Williams- Minorities and Advertising (Mentor: Dr. Amy Sarno )


James Atkinson- Cinematic Organization of Urban Spaces (Mentor: Dr. Art Robson)

Allison Bitten- Little Sisters: The Experiences of Soviet Women in Combat during World War II (Mentor: Dr. Donna Oliver )

Stella Cuban- Artists and the Art Market Post-1960 (Mentor: Dr. George Williams)

Ricky DeVoe- Segregation of Binary Mixtures of Wet Granular Media in Axially Rotated Cylinders (Mentor: Dr. Paul Stanley)

Corey Farrar- Reorganizing Intelligence: Examining the Bureaucratic Politics with the Creation of the National Intelligence Director (Mentor: Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti)

Mona Martinez- Therapeutic Uses of Art for Children with AD/HD (Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Cox)

Cindy Nguyen- Pediatric Asthma in Beloit (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Chelsey Tubbs- The Political Ramifications of Having a Mixed Race Option on the 2000 Census (Mentor: Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti)


Noelle Chun- Behavioral Flexibility in the Blue Monkey and Red Colobus: Coping Strategies for Living in Disturbed Habitats (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Gillian Condell- And Who Said Size Doesn’t Matter? The Influence of America’s Hegemony on International Law-Making Since 9/11 and its Economic and Political Impact on Jamaica (Mentor: Dr. Pablo Toral)

Maryann Dominguez- Ethnic/Racial Identity Development, and School Engagement Among Mexican and Mexican American Adolescents (Mentor: Dr. William New)

Zoila Ganuza- What is Limiting First- and Second-Generation Hispanic Students from Finishing High School? (Mentor: Dr. Sylvia Lopez)

Natasha Jarvis- Chile You Betta Listen: Black Mothers Educating for the Future (Mentor: Dr. Sonja Darlington)

Rachel Marquard- Explanatory Style and Emotional Intelligence (Mentor: Dr.Suzanne Cox)

Barbara Monroy- Re-evaluating American Literature: Connections Between the Spiritual Narratives of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, and the Spiritual Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson (Mentor: Dr. Shawn Gillen)

Xavier Serna- Living Wage Laws: A Split Labor Market Interpretation (Mentor: Dr. Charles Westerberg)

Mike Woldemariam- High Hopes, Harsh Realities: H. Carl McCall and the Black Statewide Candidacy (Mentor: Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti)

Zorel Zambrano- What is the Suicide Rate in Muslim Countries? Cross-National Predictors of Suicide Rates (Mentor: Dr. Larry White)

Erin Bonuso- Lady Killers: Women and Infanticide in Puritan New England, A Study of Community Control, 1690-1740 (Mentor: Dr. Linda Sturtz )

Manuel Fergus- School Physical Conditions Impact on Student Achievement (Mentor: Dr. William New)

Andrea Johnson- Post-Classical Roman influence on Byzantine Art and Culture (Mentor: Dr. Kosta Hadavas)

Jason Marmon- Synthesis and Fabrication of Tris (2,2’-bipyridine)ruthenium(II) Tetrafluoroborate in a Polyvinyl Alcohol Thin Film Matrix as an Organic Light-emitting Diodes (Mentor: Dr. George Lisensky)

Roserain Mayberry- African Drumming in Cuba and Jamaica (Mentor: Dr. Kim Mills, School for International Training)

Devon McKernan-The French-Jazz Relationship: A Music Historiography (Mentor: Dr. Max Yount)

Elijah Sheehan- The Many-Sided Gem: Understanding the Facets of the Gender Imbalance Phenomena (Mentor: Dr. William New)

Ravi Starr- The Real and Ideal George W. Bush (Mentor: Dr. Pablo Toral)

Jennifer Swilley- The Importance of the Hispanic American Vote in 2004 Swing States (Mentor: Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti)

Emily Williams- Interracial Marriage: What role Does Racism Play in the Development of Black Male/White Female Marriages? (Mentor: Dr. Debra Majeed)


Rebecca Burnett- Health Care Issues Among Native American Women in the Northern United States (Mentor: Dr. Catherine Orr)

Joseph Collins- Cultural Anthropology and Water Quality Planning: Adding Culture to Traditional Planning Models (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

David Fallest- Pattern Formation of Sand Ripples Due to Underwater Two-dimensional Oscillatory Motion (Mentor: Dr. Paul Stanley)

Wellinthon Garcia- Latino Politics from the Vantage Point of an “Other”: The Case of Dominican-Americans (Mentor: Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti)

Stacy Johnson- Questioning the Cult: Changing Trends in Myths of Femininity as Featured in Women’s Magazines (1980-90; 99-00) (Mentor: Dr. Amy Sarno)

Jaclyn Kolodziej- Competing Scientologies: Internet Debates and the Ethics of Scholarship (Mentor: Dr. Natalie Gummer)

Lyna Munoz-Morris- Issues of Ethnicity in Dance/Movement Therapy: Therapists’ Perceptions (Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Cox)

Celeste Ramos- Your Other Half: Twins and Doubles in Film as Mirrors to the Self (Mentor: Dr. William New)

DeJuan Shorter- A Cloudy Lens: The Unbalanced Reporting of Crime in the Media (Mentor: Dr. Charles Westerberg)

Kristina Wang- The Upheaval: The New Japanese Election System and its Effect on the Party System (Mentor: Dr. John Rapp)


Oretencia Arellano- They’re Watching: Super-Maximum Security Confinement in the United States (Mentor: Dr. Charles Westerberg)

Suzi Chang- Would You Like Fries Sprinkled with Seaweed Seasoning with that? Marketing Western Fast Food Restaurant in China: A Case Study on McDonald’s (Mentor: Dr. Warren Palmer)

Karen Cornell- AIDS in Haiti (Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Greene)

Amie Emens- Exploring Trust and Social Capital (Mentor: Dr. Ann Davies)

Lydia Heath- Reading 19th Century African-American Women’s Narratives (Mentor: Dr. Diane Lichtenstein)

Tori Key- Intersections: An Exploration of Domestic Violence and Social Welfare (Mentor: Dr. Catherine Orr)

Phuong Nguyen- Criminal Profiling: Studies of Reliability and Validity (Mentor: Dr. Lawrence White)

Nikki Peters- Neurogenesis and Cell Migration in Fetal and Adult Mammalian Brains

Sandy Roberts- Small Mysteries: Selection Criteria of Uneven Ancient Egyptian Division (Mentor: Dr. Darrah Chavey)

Nicole Truesdell- Homicide Investigation: Role of the Forensic Anthropologist (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Christina Villarreal- Criminal Profiling: Studies of Reliability and Validity (Mentor: Dr. Lawrence White)


Marisa Carr- Promoting Positive Associations, Cultural Awareness and Dispelling Myths Through South African Children’s Literature (Mentor: Dr. Sonja Darlington)

Celeste Chung- Sexuality Education and Ideology: The Role of the Adolescent in His/Her Formalized Sexuality Education (Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Greene)

Nathan Edwards- The Social Implications of a Casino in the Black Community (Mentor: Dr. Menno Froese)

Olivia Garcia- Latino Advocacy Groups in a Time of Increasing Recognition (Mentor: Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti)

John-Paul Gray- An Investigation of Mexican Culture in Beloit, with Special Attention to Education and Identity Development of Children and Youth (Mentor: Dr. William New)

Alan Her- The Presence of Begging Call Convergence in Red-Winged Blackbirds (Mentor: Dr. Ken Yasukawa)

Nery Morales- Marianismo or Vendida (Mentor: Dr. Catherine Orr)

Fatima Quander- “I’m White, Therefore I can:” The Concept of Irish and Black American Social and Economic Competition as it Relates to Blackface Minstrelsy (Mentor: Dr. Amy Sarno)

Alexandra Shade- Unlocking the Mystery Behind Advertising: The Creativity of Advertising in a Universal Contemporary Community, 3-D Style (Mentor: Dr. David Knutson)

Catherine Truong- Taiwan’s Futile Attempt to Gain United Nations Observer Status (Mentor: Dr. John Rapp)


Laura Cabrera-Lopez- Communication and Community Organizations: An Exploratory Study of Thirteen Agencies/Organizations Providing Services to the Beloit Latino Community (Mentor: Dr. Marion Fass)

Sara Davis- Diplomats and Disagreements: An Examination of Diplomatic Relations Regarding Irish Seaports, 1938-1945 (Mentor: Dr. Bob Hodge)

Jennifer Dillion- The Tie that Binds (Mentor: Dr. Catherine Orr)

Brent Johnson- The ADD Dilemma (Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Greene)

Mary (Runa) Martinson- Russia’s Invisible Children (Mentor: Dr. Donna Oliver)

Juan Perez- Amiri Baraka & Black Nationalism (Mentor: Dr. Diane Lichtenstein)

Jacqueline Scott- The Marginalization of the Latina Lesbian and Her Need for a Political Movement (Mentor: Dr. Sylvia Lopez)

Mike Suarez- Primate Cognition, A Comparative Study (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Vaughn Taylor-  2000: Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and the Nation of Islam: A Study of Two Advocacy Organizations (Mentor: Dr. Menno Froese)


Angela Bahr- Transracial Adoption: Legal and Psychological Perspectives (Mentor: Dr. Lawrence White)

Heather Bigeck- Internship

Nujemi Champion- Therapeutic Touch: Its Benefits and Drawbacks (Mentor: Dr. David Knutson)

Daniel Casillas- The Effect of Vitamin C & E Supplementation on the Resistance of Blood Plasma to Lipid Peroxidation (Mentor: Dr. Alfred Ordman)

Gerald Govert- Bias and Dishonesty in Ethnographic Research (Mentor: Dr. Gail Pizarro)

Cristo Mendoza- Immigration and the Experience of Mexicans in the US: The Exploration of Possible Patterns Through the Medium of Creative Writing (Mentor: Dr. Oswaldo Voysest)

Christopher Morris- Graffiti Murals in Chicago: Vandalism or Art? (Mentor: Dr. Ralph Knasinski)

Perci Smith- Public Assistance: An In-Depth Look at Two Profiles (Mentor: Dr. Menno Froese)

Phillip Thompson- Entrepreneurial Activities in Student Organizations (Mentor: Dr. Warren Palmer)


Nicole Ansara-Henderson

Cassilda Brookes

Hong Chuong

Chey Clifford

Raina Croft

Edward Gali

Michael Lester

Lu May

Nia Rucker

Marci Sellars


Flordeliza Abad- China and the World Trade Organization in the Reform Era (Mentor: Dr. Warren Palmer)

Stephanie Carey- The Effects of Breast-Feeding on Maternal Behavior and Child Attachment (Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Cox)

Shelia Casaletto- The Evolution and Redefinition of Child Care Policy in the United States (Mentor: Dr. Goergia Duerst-Lahti)

Mike Colbert- How African American Males in Beloit Perceive Their Representation and Their Future (Mentor: Dr. Sonja Darlington)

Melina Dominguez- The Effects of Parenting Styles on College Students’ Self-Actualization (Mentor: Dr. John Carton)

Marlene Casellanos- The Immigration of Mexicans to the United States (Mentor: Dr. Marlynn May)

Sarah McCalister- Mothers in Prison: An Idiographic Study (Mentor: Dr. Larry White)

Linh Tu- Matching Asynchrony in Red-Winged Blackbirds (Mentor: Dr. Ken Yazakawa)

Nikki Cheng

Chad Edwards

Chad Williams


Tanya Danner- The Rate of Calcium Excretion in Post-Menopausal Women/Urinary Excretion in Women Over Forty (Mentor: Dr. Alfred (Roc) Ordman)

Solomon Liburd- The Score at Midnight Basketball: Blacks Men’s Beliefs About Hypertension (Mentor: Dr. Marion Fass and Dr. Clarence Grim)

Christopher Maeda- The Role of Growth Factors in the Regeneration of Craniofacial Bone (Intern at Medical College of Wisconsin)

Jennifer Garcia

Daphnee Germain

Jolan Glover

Kyle Kolodziejski

Joseph LaPointe

Azalia Mitchell

Rachel Spencer

Kirk Williamson

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