Current Scholars

Find out more about the current Beloit College McNair Scholars.


Briana Aguilar- The Immigrant Paradox (Mentor Dr. Issac F. Young)

Sarah Aldridge- Mental Health Access and Beliefs in Relation to Latinx and African American Communities

Yesenia Camacho- Race, Segregation, and Socioeconomic Status in Relation to Educational Attainment (Mentor Dr. Greg Buchanan)

Paige Clark- Damnation, Decay, and the Deceased: A Reflection on the Dance Macabre (Mentor Dr. Ellen Joyce)

Jada Daniel-  Distorted Depictions: The Realities of the Media’s Influence on the American Criminal Justice System (Mentor Dr. Charles Westerberg)

Nichole Espineli- Complimentary and Alternative Medicine: A Practitioner’s Perspective (Mentor Dr. Ron Watson)

Lilian Lopez- Perceptions of Creative Arts Therapists: Reaching People of Color During the Pandemic (Mentor Dr. Suzanne Cox)

Emilia Roman- Music and Language in The Modern Classroom: Teacher’s Perspective During a Pandemic (Mentor Dr. Suzanne Cox)

Karen Soto- Latinx Healthcare: The Pandemic and Beyond (Mentor Dr. Charles Westerberg)

Michelle Stevens- Using Quagga Mussel Shells to Remove Heavy Metal Solutions from Water (Mentor Dr. Rongping Deng)


Cameron Alonso - Barriers for Participation of Latinx in Youth Soccer (Mentor Dr. Diep Phan)

Ericka Corral - Predicting Chronic Kidney Disease Using Mining Techniques (Mentor Dr. Eyad Said

Desire Mukucha- How Did We Get Here? Milwaukee County Mass Incarceration of African American Males as a Perpetual Punishment (Mentor Dr. Pablo Toral) 

Yolanda Odufuwa- A Study of Sumud, Black Power, and Black Palestinian Transnational Solidarity (Mentor Dr. Rachel Ellet)

Christie Pierre- Racial Disparities and Stigmatizing in Responses to the Opioid Crisis and the Covid-19 Pandemic (Mentor Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Gisela Sarabia-Sandoval- Investigating the Resurgence of Chinese-Mexican Identity in Post-PRI Baja California: A Comparative Analysis of Mexicali and Tijuana (Mentor Dr. Rachel Ellet)


Aminah Crawford- Solidarity Among Black Students at Beloit College (Mentor Dr. William New)

DaZha Creal- Gender Based Violence in South Africa (Mentor Dr. Rachel Ellet)

Kiara Davis- Hair Health: Assessing the Impact of Stress and Nutrition (Mentor Dr. Ron Watson)

Aryssa Harris -Mass Incarceration: Understanding the Disparate Impact on Black Men (Mentor Dr. Ron Watson)

Brenda Martinez-Flores- Solving the Antibiotic Crisis with Soil (Mentor Dr. Kristin Labby)

Eunice Partida-Castillo- Understand Capital Through the Eyes of Fourth Grade Educators (Mentor Dr. Charles Westerberg)

Isabel Mendoza- A Proposal to Assess the Quality of Parental Involvement in Children’s At-Home Schoolwork: The Effects of a Global Pandemic (Mentor Dr. Suzanne Cox)

Quisi Rodriguez-Oregel- Familism, Obligations and Latinx Daughters in Higher Education (Mentor Dr. Jennifer Esperanza)

Zimri Rodriguez-Oregel- Latina Students’ Support to Persist at a PWI (Mentor Dr. David Segura)

Kellyn Tippins- Lactid Acid Bacteria: Understanding Microbial Succession in the Fermentation of Cheddar Cheese (Mentor Dr. Amy Briggs

Catalina Tueros- Competing Frameworks: The Impact of Media Framing on the Immigration Discourse (Mentor Dr. Charles Westerberg)


Chelsea Coleman- The Link Between Intrauterine Devices and Pseudotumors (Mentor Dr. James Schulte)

Alexander Cullison- English Language Learners and The Reproduction of American National Selves (Mentor Dr. Jennifer Esperanza and Dr. Michelle Bumatay)

Jonathon Dudley- The Evolution of Black Power: The Ongoing Black Power Movement (Mentor Dr. Beatrice McKenzie)

Zowie Fox- Rural Japan’s Struggle to Survive: Losing Satoyama (Mentor Dr. Susan Furukawa)

Charlie Holguin- Group Work Pedagogy in the STEM Field (Mentor Dr. Rachel Bergstorm)

Hannah Oxford- Confronting Consciousness: The Spirituality of Liberation and Black Resistance in a Post-Civil Rights Era (Mentor Dr. Sonya Maria Johnson)

Madison Suttman- Investigating Plant Growth: The Effect of Evaluated Temperatures on Carbon Accumulation (Mentor Dr. Yaffa Grossman)

George Valladares- Finding Theta Oscillations in Electrocorticography and Independent Component Analysis (Mentor Dr. Erin Munro Krull) 

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