Current Scholars

Find out more about the current Beloit College McNair Scholars.


  • Amaya Anderson - Generational Effects of Low Parental Financial Knowledge (Mentor: Dr. Ron Watson)
  • Candis Damtse - What is Success: An Asset-Based Approach to Black Women in STEM (Mentor: Dr. Ben Stucky)
  • Ja’na Kelly - The Feasibility Pilot of a Meditation Program for African American Students (Mentor: Dr. Isaac Young)
  • Abril Lopez - Understanding the Molecular Details of CbpA Chaperone in E. coli (Mentor: Dr. Taylor Arhar)
  • Franccesca Mamani - Perceptions of Art Therapists and Educators About Art as a Therapeutic Process for Latinx Youth (Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Cox)
  • Emilio Mendoza - Effects of Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) on Beloit’s economy during the pandemic (Mentor: Professor Bob Elder)
  • Gianna Perata - Reimagining Criminalization and Justice in the United States (Mentor: Dr. Sonya Maria Johnson)
  • Bianca Perez - The Correlation between the K-pop Group BTS and Anxiety and Depression (Mentor: Dr. Ron Watson)
  • Isabella Verdi - An Ecofeminist Analysis of Jurassic Park (Mentor: Dr. Joe Bookman)


  • Briana Aguilar - The Immigrant Paradox (Mentor Dr. Issac F. Young)
  • Sarah Aldridge - Mental Health Access and Beliefs in Relation to Latinx and African American Communities
  • Yesenia Camacho - Race, Segregation, and Socioeconomic Status in Relation to Educational Attainment (Mentor Dr. Greg Buchanan)
  • Paige Clark - Damnation, Decay, and the Deceased: A Reflection on the Dance Macabre (Mentor Dr. Ellen Joyce)
  • Jada Daniel -  Distorted Depictions: The Realities of the Media’s Influence on the American Criminal Justice System (Mentor Dr. Charles Westerberg)
  • Nichole Espineli - Complimentary and Alternative Medicine: A Practitioner’s Perspective (Mentor Dr. Ron Watson)
  • Lilian Lopez - Perceptions of Creative Arts Therapists: Reaching People of Color During the Pandemic (Mentor Dr. Suzanne Cox)
  • Emilia Roman - Music and Language in The Modern Classroom: Teacher’s Perspective During a Pandemic (Mentor Dr. Suzanne Cox)
  • Karen Soto - Latinx Healthcare: The Pandemic and Beyond (Mentor Dr. Charles Westerberg)
  • Michelle Stevens - Using Quagga Mussel Shells to Remove Heavy Metal Solutions from Water (Mentor Dr. Rongping Deng)

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