The application to join our next cohort will go live during the Fall 2022 Semester. 

Curious if McNair is right for you? Learn more about the application process at our Fall AMP Session on October 13th! 

Application Frequently Asked Questions

Do letters of recommendation need to be from professors?

Yes, we will only accept letters of recommendation from faculty members who can attest to your ability to do independent research and who understand your desires to obtain a graduate degree.

I am an incoming transfer student, can I get letters from my other college instructors?

Yes, this is acceptable if you cannot secure strong letters from Beloit College faculty.

Can I get a letter of recommendation from an employer or an organization I volunteered for?


What happens if my letter of recommendation arrives past the deadline?

No application material will be considered past the application deadline.

I am considering a joint Ph.D./M.D. degree, or joint Ph.D./J.D. degree, can I apply?

Yes, however, you must be very clear that a Ph.D. is necessary for your academic pursuits.

Do I need to have a Faculty mentor when I apply?

You should be actively seeking out a faculty mentor, but we can work with you to find a faculty mentor if you are accepted into the program and do not already have a mentor. If you have already secured a mentor, please mention it in your application.

Can I study abroad and still participate in the McNair Scholars Program?

Yes, as long as you are available to be on the Beloit College Campus for the summer institute and the senior Grad School Preparatory Seminar (Fall Semester).

Will I be allowed to work and/or take classes if necessary during the summer research program?

No, it is required that you focus solely on your research during the summer research program.

What does the timeline for participation in the McNair Program look like?

Click here for more information.

What if I am not completely sure about my research topic?


Describe it to the best of your ability for the application. Your topic may slightly change once you are admitted into the program.


  • Complete and signed online application
  • Tax Return (if low- income)
  • I-94 or asylum approval letter (if demonstrating intent to become a permanent resident in the U.S.)
  • Statement of Research Interest
    • Your personal statement MUST address the following: Provide an understanding of your research areas of interest to the reader. Why is this discipline of great interest to you? Give specific experiences and traits that highlight your academic success and preparation to pursue research.
  • Personal Statement
    • Your personal statement MUST address the following: Why do you want to pursue a Ph.D. or other graduate programs? What are your academic aspirations and career goals? How will the McNair Scholars Program help you achieve this goal(s)?
  • (2) Letters of Recommendation
    • You must provide the search committee with two faculty recommendation letters that assess your ability for academic research and your motivation and ability to succeed in graduate school. NOTE: We will only accept letters of recommendation from faculty members who can attest to your ability to do independent research and understand your desire to obtain a graduate degree. 
    • Your recommenders must submit their recommendation here
  • Please Note: Finalists will be invited to a 15-20 minute interview in February.

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