Paraprofessional Positions

Our student paraprofessionals work with staff and faculty to assist students in successfully meeting the challenges of college.

Become a tutor—a purposeful, rewarding job that also helps fund your education

Students who are particularly knowledgeable in a course or talented in a particular subject area can become a tutor. LEADS typically hires over 50 tutors per semester. Students can work to a maximum of 10 hours per week at $7.50 per hour (2019-2020).

Most tutors provide course-based individual and/or small group assistance 1-10 hours per week to students enrolled in Beloit College courses. Tutors, with assigned tutees, arrange tutoring times (up to 2 hours per week per course for tutee) and locations. Tutors complete 1 - 2 hours of training prior to employment and may be required to participate in ongoing training (usually one hour per semester).

Organizational Tutors provide general organizational tutoring for qualified students with disabilities. There is a separate application process for this role and the tutors are expected to participate in supervisory meetings with the director bi-weekly during the semester. Training is required (often the semester before the tutor begins tutoring). 

The hours are flexible and the tutors provide an invaluable resource on campus. To apply to become a tutor, get a professor’s recommendation, log into the Portal and access the Student Life tab. Click the link titled, Tutoring Forms and fill out the Tutoring Application Form for each class you would like to tutor.

For other possible positions on campus, students can find information on the Student Employment web site.

Accessibility Assistants

Learning Enrichment and Disability Services (LEADS) coordinates services for students with disabilities to provide those students with equal access to the programs and services of the College. At times, the office will seek to hire students who will aid in this endeavor.

These roles include but are not limited to: readers, scribes, working with students with disabilities, and/or using technology and/or tools to create access. Depending on the particular need, the requirements of the role will vary.

In all cases, the ability to listen to and understand directions will be required. A willingness to work closely with students with disabilities is required. Creative problem-solving skills a plus.

Learning Assistants

LAs work six to eight hours per week, developing new ideas, projects, and services to enhance the academic enrichment of students and improve disability assistance and awareness.

They may present to groups or provide information individually on academic enrichment topics such as time management, study skills, note-taking, and stress reduction as well as disability assistance tools and strategies such as SmartPens and getting print materials to read aloud.

Additionally, they become
knowledgeable of one professional or graduate-level entrance examination (GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT) to provide guidance and presentations to students about preparing for and taking those exams.

For more information on these positions, see Join Our Team.

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