Getting Ready for Grad School

Interested in going to graduate or professional (e.g. Law, Medical) school after you graduate?

Most graduate and professional schools require an examination (much like the SAT or ACT for undergraduate colleges) as part of the application process. The Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office assists students in preparing for such examinations.

You usually need to take the exam early in your Senior year. Come to see us during your Junior year so that you have time to prepare. Stop by and see what we have and what we can do. Each semester we try to put together a panel of people (usually students) who have recently taken the exams. If interested in attending this event, contact our office for specifics.

You also need to discuss your interest in graduate/professional school with your advisor. In addition, you would benefit from working with Career Works.

We also have limited resources for students interested in the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST).

Professional School Exam Cheat Sheets

Professional School Exam Accommodations - Quick Facts

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