Getting Ready for College

Your first day at Beloit is closer than you think — start preparing now.

Classes, club meetings, a work-study job, homework, practice sessions for sports, dance, music, and everything else you find yourself doing. Your soon-to-be very busy campus life can benefit from some serious organization.

Here is a handy list to get you started so that you’ll be well-prepared for that first day in your new Beloit classroom. 


  • Physical or digital planner or calendar
    • Beloit College Academic Planner, LEADS SChedule Planner,* Google Calendar, Schooltraq
  • Digital storage devices (USB, external hard drives, Google Drive, the Cloud)
  • Folder(s) (can color code them for classes; usually four classes per term; may also want additional ones for personal reasons such as keeping FAFSA information, work documents, receipts, and other official forms)
  • Binder(s) (color code; can add separators with tabs)
  • Bulletin board (a place to put up reminders, handouts, photos, etc.)

*Available in the LEADS office

Taking Notes and Studying

  • Notebooks, notepads, loose-leaf paper
  • Pencils and pens (try different colors for color-coding)
  • Consider a “Smart Pen” 
  • Erasers and correction fluid or tape
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Highlighters (to emphasize and color-code your notes)
  • Pencil case (for convenient storage of writing utensils)
  • Sticky notes and sticky note flags (to make notes to yourself as you read/study)
  • Notecards (to make flashcards!)
  • Dictionary, thesaurus (physical or digital)
  • Calculator (basic, scientific, or graphic, depending on your classes)

Online Studying Tools - all free!

  • Quizlet - Create (and find) digital flashcards and quiz yourself!
  • Kahoot! - Study by creating and playing quizzes!
  • GoConqr - Great for visual learners! Create concept maps, flowcharts, slides, flashcards, quizzes, and more!
  • Evernote - Take notes, make lists, and organize your ideas!
  • StudyBlue - A Chegg-provided service for flashcards, quizzes, study guides, and homework help forums
  • Marinara Timer - Use the traditional Pomodoro method (25-minute work period then a 5-minute break) or set up own timer with custom work and break periods to efficiently accomplish tasks


  • Coloring supplies (a coloring book may be a good stress reliever)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue, tape, rubber bands
  • Stapler, staples, and staple remover
  • Paper clips and binder clips
  • Hole punch
  • Envelopes and stationery (for whenever you want to send something by postal mail)
    • Stamps available in the mail center
  • If you have a printer, don’t forget paper and ink/toner

Practice Organizing Before Arriving

It takes a lot of organizational skills to keep track of all of the information and paperwork necessary to apply to and enroll in a college. The Learning Enrichment and Disability Services staff recommend that when you get to Beloit, bring a folder with a copy of everything that you submitted to the college. Then you won’t need to panic if someone is missing the information that you already sent. You can simply show them a copy and everyone will be highly impressed with your organizational skills.

  • Application/Transcripts/SAT or ACT score
  • Disability documentation
  • Employment forms, work-study, job history (resume)
  • Financial Aid
  • Health Services
  • Housing
  • Orientation/AMP course information
  • Registration, advising information
  • Other Questions
    • “How do I get involved in a particular club/organization?”
    • “How do I get vegetarian meals?”
    • “Who do I talk about being on the soccer team?”
    • etc.

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