Student Resources

We are all about enabling students to thrive doing academic work in college.

LEADS not only offers tutoring and disability services but also partners with offices across the campus to connect students to information, services, and support across all aspects of their academic life.

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Academic Enrichment Activities

Take advantage of an ongoing variety of activities throughout the year covering a range of relevant topics such as time management, note-taking, de-procrastination, and test-taking strategies.

These activities come in a variety of forms such as workshops, presentations, drop-in sessions, interactive opportunities, podcasts, and tabling. At times, activities are provided for particular groups such as Spark courses, athletes, Greek houses, residence hall floors, and clubs or organizations. All students are welcome to attend the sessions.

Beloit Cross-Disability Coalition (BC-DC)

The Beloit Cross-Disability Coalition is a club for Beloit College students with disabilities, their allies, and anyone who wants to learn more about disability.

Campus Support Partners

Community Resources

Community resources can assist students with disabilities in their educational journey. These resources provide essential resources, assistance, and opportunities that empower students to thrive. By using these resources, students with disabilities can access the tools and accommodations necessary to over come challenges.

Local Transportation

Rock County Transit offers transportation services anywhere in Rock County: $5 one-way and $10 round-trip. 

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