Prospective & New Students/Families

Selecting a college is often a particularly challenging task for students with disabilities.

Information is provided throughout this web site that will hopefully assist you in determining if Beloit College is a good fit for you. If you have questions about specific disabilities and/or related accommodations, policies or procedures, you are encouraged to contact the Director of LEADS. You are also encouraged to make an appointment if you are on campus visiting, even if you are still in the exploration stage. Beloit College has unique aspects and it is important that you understand how your disability may provide you particular challenges or strengths within the curriculum and at the College. It is also important for you to become aware of the resources and services that the College has to offer in addition to Disability Services.

For those of you who have decided that Beloit is the place for you, the links below may ease your transition.  

Our campus is also home to the Beloit Cross-Disability Coalition (BC-DC) a club for Beloit College students with disabilities, their allies, and anyone who wants to learn more about disability.

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