Our Responsibilities

The Learning Enrichment and Disability Services office, in administering disability services for Beloit College students will:

  1. Make available the policies and procedures for obtaining accommodations and meet with students to discuss their options.
  2. Review documentation which addresses a student’s disability.
  3. Discuss with the student his/her needs and history of accommodations.
  4. Determine appropriate and reasonable academic adjustments and accommodations which do not compromise the essential components of courses, programs or services.
  5. Maintain files which most often include documentation of the disability, Accommodation Verification Letters for each semester, academic progress information, and notes from meetings and phone calls, with or about the student (in accordance with FERPA regulations).
  6. Assist students with disabilities in improving self-advocacy skills when appropriate.
  7. Provide assistance with learning strategies (e.g., attention and memory strategies, planning, self-monitoring, time management, organization, problem-solving).
  8. Refer students to resources, employees or other entities for relevant services when appropriate.
  9. Establish and communicate rights and responsibilities for students with disabilities to obtain equal access.
  10. Develop and implement policies and procedures regarding the student disability services at Beloit College.
  11. Consult with faculty and staff regarding accommodations, compliance with legal responsibilities as well as instructional, programmatic, physical, and curriculum modifications.
  12. Provide disability awareness activities for campus constituencies.
  13. Collect student feedback to measure satisfaction with disability services and to monitor use of disability services.
  14. NOT provide evaluation and/or testing for learning disabilities, mental or physical health disabilities.

Adapted from the AHEAD Program Standards.

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