Overview of Services

As a small residential community, Beloit provides a supportive and challenging educational environment for all students

Students with disabilities who seek services from Learning Enhancement and Disability Services (LEADS), demonstrate self-advocacy, and engage responsibly in their learning, find that their Beloit College education is a rewarding and enriching experience.


Students with disabilities are provided accommodations to have equal access to the educational process, programs, activities, events, and services. The LEADS staff verify disabilities and determine accommodations for students. The office also provides information and training on disability-related issues for the campus community members. 


Like all Beloit College students, students with disabilities are expected to take responsibility for their own education. A component of this expectation is the continuing process of learning how to make decisions and advocate for one’s self, particularly in regards to one’s disability and related accommodations.

Although support and information are provided by the LEADS staff as well as other faculty and staff, the student is expected to obtain and use information and appropriate resources, and to follow policies and procedures in a timely manner.

Class Attendance

The faculty at Beloit College have determined that “Attendance at classes is required and is considered an essential component for each course.”  Students with disabilities that affect attendance on a regular basis should work with LEADS to establish accommodations, but must also realize that faculty are not required to fundamentally alter their classes.


Information regarding a student’s disability is considered to be private. Consistent with FERPA, LEADS staff may share disability-related information with particular faculty and staff when there is a need for them to know.

Specifically, it is sometimes important to share such information in order to provide accommodations. However, information is rarely shared with parents or other students without the student’s written consent unless it is an emergency or the student is determined to be a danger to self or others.


Students and faculty with concerns about accommodations are encouraged to speak with the involved individuals as well as the Director of Learning Enrichment and Disability Services. When resolving such concerns, it is important that they be addressed immediately (and accommodations are to be implemented in the meantime). Faculty and/or students are encouraged to consider potential appropriate alternatives with the Director. When all informal avenues of resolution have been exhausted, a Grievance Process is available.


The Learning Enrichment and Disability Services office operates to fulfill the following disability-related goals 

  1. Provide services and resources for all students in an educational manner recognizing the rights and responsibilities of students as adults.
  2. Provide equal access to a Beloit College education for students with disabilities by facilitating appropriate accommodations.
  3. Assist students with disabilities as well as other new students with the transition from high school, home-school, or other institutions to Beloit College.
  4. Educate the campus regarding disability-related laws, issues, and concerns.
  5. Collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to develop and implement student disability services as well as academic enrichment opportunities for all students.
  6. Teach, counsel and advise students to use resources, improve learning strategies, and realize their full academic potential.
  7. Conduct frequent evaluations and reviews of the services of this Office.

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