Beloit College provides transportation for students with disabilities when the college would normally provide transportation for all students.

At times, the usual transportation may not be accessible to all students (e.g. full-size vans for a wheelchair user). These situations usually include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Course field trips
  2. New Student Days/AMP course field trips (“Community Exploration Day”)
  3. Athletic team trips
  4. Off-campus experiential learning experiences
  5. Clubs/organizations field trips
  6. Excursions arranged by the College
  7. Shuttles to/from the Bus Station
  8. Transportation to the hospital

Students who are uncertain if they will be able to use the transportation provided are to contact the sponsoring office, faculty member, or organization as soon as possible to discuss their needs. The person who normally arranges transportation is to arrange accessible transportation. This person can consult with the Director of Learning Enrichment and Disability Services (LEADS), though most suggestions are contained on this web page.

Note: Any costs incurred that are above and beyond what an office/department/organization would normally spend that are attributable to access for a student with disabilities are to be charged to LEADS. Contact LEADS in advance to verify that the transportation costs qualify and obtain the appropriate budget number.

Below are a few options for arranging equitable access to off-campus programming:

  1. For larger groups (such as class field trips), wheelchair-accessible school buses can be obtained through Durham School Services, 888-528 7948 and Kobussen, 800-747-0884 or another bus company.
  2. For local trips, there is Paratransit service through Beloit Mass Transit. They pick up and drop off in Rock County for $6.00 each way (driver does not stay). There are limited hours and it is not available on Sundays. The student needs to apply, make reservations in advance, and pay with correct change at the time of service. Reservations are recommended one week in advance. The student will be reimbursed for this if it is a substitute for something the college provides.*
  3. Hire someone to drive an appropriately accessible college vehicle to deliver and pick up the student.*
  4. Hiring an accessible coach bus through Van Galder may be an option, albeit the most expensive one, unless a coach is already being used (e.g. athletic team trip).

*Consider that with options 2 and 3, they could separate students with disabilities from their peers, which does not meet our inclusive ideals. When possible, try to arrange transportation that is very similar to what the other students are experiencing. Or, in the case of hiring a driver, they could invite along a friend or two to ride along since there would be no additional cost.

If you need assistance navigating options, please email

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