Faculty sometimes evaluate a students’ knowledge acquisition through in-class timed exams. “Exams” includes all in-class timed quizzes, exams, assessments, evaluations, or activities. When it is not possible for a faculty member (or a designee such as a T.A. or colleague) to accommodate the student with disabilities’ established needs, faculty are to discuss this with the student and then guide the student in making alternative arrangements, if needed. Most often, these alternative arrangements will be under the supervision of the Library Staff with verification by Learning Enrichment and Disability Services (LEADS). Specific policies and procedures can be found on the Exam Administration Form.

The basic process for alternative exam administration.

  1. Students acquire an Access Letter from the Director of LEADS.
  2. The student and the faculty member discuss specific exam arrangements. If the faculty member is unable to provide the exam with the established accommodations or the student prefers to take the exam in the alternate location, the student proceeds to step 3.
  3. At least one week prior to the exam, the student is to download the Exam Administration Form or stop by the LEADS office to obtain the form. The student is to read the entire form for complete information on the policies and procedures. If the student downloads the form (instead of stopping by to get it), the student is to send learning@beloit.edu an email with the proposed exam time.)
  4. Students are to complete the form with the relevant faculty member.
  5. The student is to deliver or return (email or in-person) the completed and signed form to LEADS. One week in advance of the exam is preferable, but at least 3 days are needed, otherwise space or staffing may not be available.
  6. LEADS will confirm the exam time/day and accommodations with an email to the student, coordinating library staff member, and the faculty member.

Note: The Exam Administration Form is an accessible PDF that can be made to read aloud. If you would like this form in an alternative format, please email learning@beloit.edu.

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