Access Letter

Each qualified student with a disability who warrants accommodations in the classroom is provided with an Access Letters (AL) by the Director of Learning Enrichment and Disability Services.

The AL lists the appropriate accommodations for that particular student on a case-by-case basis. The student is to personally deliver the AL to each of their faculty members where they seek accommodations in the course and must discuss the AL with each faculty member in person.

Students are to deliver the AL as soon as possible but no later than at least five days before the accommodation is needed. Once a faculty member has been informed and the information discussed with the student, accommodations should be implemented. If the student has provided appropriate notice, the faculty member must comply within five business days. If concerns arise from the accommodations, faculty are obligated to implement them while they are under review. Unless further consultation occurs amongst the instructor, student and/or Director, the College assumes that accommodations will be implemented as delineated in the AL. Delays in negotiations or the implementation of accommodations can be construed as a form of discrimination.

Sometimes the AL requires that a faculty member make an announcement to the class for note-takers. This announcement is to be done during the next class period and repeatedly until a note-taker comes forward.

Occasionally, a student will need an accommodation that takes time to implement, such as print materials made into an audio form. When the information is available ahead of time, the faculty member will need to make course decisions ahead of time (e.g. establish the required readings ahead of time so that the student will have equal access to them).

Professors should receive an AL each semester and for each class before implementing any accommodations for the student. Since students retain the choice of which accommodations to use and different classes have different essential components, the AL may change from class to class.

At times the AL includes a request for leniency, typically for class attendance and/or turning in assignments. Such boundaries are to be established ahead of time and communicated to the Director. See the section on “Accommodations” on this web site for guidance in making such determinations.

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