Maintaining F-1 Status


  • You must enroll full time every fall and spring semester.
  • Full time enrollment at Beloit College means taking a minimum of 3 units. Most students take 4-4.75 units each semester.
  • You must obtain approval from the International Student Advisor before withdrawing from your classes or becoming a part-time student (rare). 


  • On-campus employment is authorized for students in F-1 status for a maximum of 20 hours per week. Other institutional requirements may apply.
  • Employment (including internships) that occurs off of the Beloit College campus must be authorized before you begin working. 
  • Off-campus employment authorization is limited. Please consult with the International Student Advisor before accepting or beginning off-campus employment.  Refer also to Employment and Internships. 

Notification Requirements

Notify the Office of International Education within 10 days when any of the following happen:

  • You move to a new residence hall room or you move off campus
  • Your email address or telephone number change
  • You decide to withdraw from Beloit College, transfer to a new school, take a vacation term or you change to a new status in the United States.

Travel and Documentation

  • Before traveling outside of the United States, make sure that you have all the necessary documents for travel and re-entry. 
  • Students preparing to Study Abroad should always meet with the International Student Advisor before leaving campus. 
  • Always keep your passport valid. Renew it before it expires. 

Program Changes

  • You must update your I-20 whenever you declare, change or add a major. 
  • If you will not complete your program by the end date listed on your I-20, apply for an extension of your I-20.

End of Program

Upon graduating from Beloit College, you have 60 days to do one of the following: 

  • Apply for Optional Practical Training
  • Transfer to a new school
  • Change from F-1 status to another immigration status in the U.S. (employment visa, permanent residency)
  • Depart the United States

Most options require advance planning. Please meet with the International Student Advisor no later than the beginning of your final semester to discuss your plans.

If you end your studies at Beloit College before graduating:

  • You must depart the United States within 15 days from the date you withdraw.
  • If you are dismissed (asked to leave) school, you must depart the United States immediately. 

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