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Know what to do on new international student arrival day.

This page contains instructions how to get to Beloit’s campus for international student orientation. Different students have different plans, so we have included three (3) different sets of instructions. After reading the general instructions, please proceed to the specific instructions that are most relevant to your arrival.

General Information

When to Arrive

International students coming to Beloit College for the first time should plan to arrive on the Beloit College campus on January 18, 2023

Where to Arrive

Airport: The recommended arrival airport is Chicago O’Hare (ORD).  You will be receiving instructions for navigating O’Hare airport in your email closer to the arrival day. 

Before you Leave Home

  1. Write down the following contact information:
    • 608-363-2659 (Beloit College International Student Services)
    • 608-363-2355 (Beloit College Security—answered 24 hours/day)
    • jollysl@beloit.edu (Shannon’s email address)
  2. Print out a copy of the instructions you will receive for navigating O’Hare or save them to your phone so that you can see them on the day you arrive. These instructions contain additional arrival day contact options.
  3. Make sure that you submitted your travel plans on the International Student Travel Form on your applicant portal so that we know when to expect you. 

Arrival Instructions