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Friendship Family Program

Experience U.S. family life from the inside.

Share cultures, make friends, and make memories in the Beloit Friendship Family Program.

The Beloit Friendship Family Program (BFF) is a non-residential program that matches recently arrived Beloit College International Students with individuals and families living in the Stateline area. Friendship families provide students with an opportunity to experience daily life in the United States while students can share aspects of their home countries and cultures with their friendship families.

Who are the students?

Each semester Beloit College welcomes new students from around the world. Degree students come to Beloit to pursue a full Bachelor’s Degree and are at the college for up to 4 years. Exchange students are college students enrolled at universities around the world. They come to study at Beloit College for one or two semesters.

Who are the friendship families?

The friendship families are volunteers who live in the Stateline area (Beloit, South Beloit and surrounding communities). Friendship families take on many forms, just as families in the United States do. Friendship families can be single people, married couples or partners, people with or without children living at home. Sometimes, friendship families are even groups of friends who decide to partner up together to befriend a student.

What do we do together?

You can do anything together that sounds interesting to you. Common activities include meals together, game nights, or attending school, community and college events together. The Office of International Education coordinates several events each year that friendship families and students can attend together. These include a welcome event at the beginning of each semester, a holiday event in December and farewell events for exchange students at the end of each semester.

How long is the program?

Students and friendship families initially commit to participate in the program for one year (one semester for single-semester exchange students). We recommend that you try to get together at least one to two times per month. Some students and families get together more frequently than that.

How can I sign up?

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