Student Surveys

This is where we hear directly from the people we care about most—our students—to understand their experiences so we can celebrate and improve Beloit.

Student Experience/20 Questions Survey

Beloit College monitors aspects of the student experience that research has shown are correlated with high career and personal outcomes. We’re committed to students having these experiences, monitoring how and if students are having them, and improving the environment that leads to these student experiences.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

Beloit College participates in the The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) every three years. The survey provides valuable information about students’ engagement with their educational experience at Beloit College such as student-faculty contact, active learning, prompt feedback, time on task, high expectations, cooperation among students and respect for diverse talents and ways of learning.


CIRP Surveys

This group of linked surveys measures students at the beginning of their freshmen year, end of their freshman year, and end of their senior year. CIRP Freshman Survey was administered annually to all incoming students through Fall 2018. The CIRP Your First College Year Survey and CIRP College Senior Survey are administered every three years.

HEDS Sexual Assault and Campus Climate Survey

Beloit College students participated in the HEDS Sexual Assault and Campus Climate in spring 2016.

First Destinations

This survey of young alumni helps us understand which students are working, going to school or still searching within 6 months of graduation.

Core Alcohol and Drug Survey

This survey is administered by the Beloit College Office of Residential Life to understand students’ health and social behaviors. The results are used to inform residential programming, training of Residential Assistants, and education for all students and are available through their office.

Retired Surveys

Because Beloit College respects the time and effort involved in students’ participation in surveys, IRAP carefully considers which surveys to administer. Sometimes we only participate in something once, and other times we change survey instruments. The surveys and assessment instruments listed below are no longer part of Beloit College’s assessment schedule, but results are available by request.

  • HEDS Teaching Quality Survey, part of the Wabash National Study, administered in 2014-15
  • Measuring Information Service Outcomes (MISO)
  • Internal Residential Life Survey
  • Internal Student Affairs Survey

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