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Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning

Helping make decisions, form plans, and design programs to serve our students exceptionally well.

Ellie Anderbyrne'05, Caleb Nghe'20 and Gjergj Ndoci'20 discuss an analysis in the IRA... Ellie Anderbyrne'05, Caleb Nghe'20 and Gjergj Ndoci'20 discuss an analysis in the IRAP office.

Here in IRAP we get people the evidence they need to be informed when they make decisions, plan, and design. IRAP aims to responsively and proactively provide accurate and objective information to stakeholders across campus.

Available Today

  • The Common Data Set (CDS) and Retention and Graduation Rates, which measure some of the most important things about our college and our students, are easy to grab on our Most Requested page
  • For internal audiences, College Data, includes a fact book, departmental reports, our comparison group, and Student Surveys provides an overview of data available for research, assessment and grants
  • Resources that faculty, staff, students, and the general public can use to learn more about the college, assessment, and more
  • Information to help with tenure and promotion, departmental reviews, and sponsored research are available on our Support for Faculty page.

What other things does IRAP do?

Well, we’re most proud of mentoring IRAP interns—Beloit students who are interested in careers in data science, stats, consulting, or grad school. We teach them to develop survey questions, code Stata, and present findings while they teach us about the student experience and the story behind the latest edition of the Round Table. But, most of the time we:

  • Perform statistical and policy analyses to inform college decision-making processes, to support long-range planning, and to provide public accountability.
  • Produce official institutional statistics.
  • Respond to external requests for information from state and federal governments, other agencies and consortia, and interested parties who need up-to-date information related to college processes and academic programs.
  • Advise institutional, departmental, and programmatic inquiry surrounding student learning outcomes and program effectiveness.
Sahil Rizal’22 headshot

Eye Opening, Fruitful Education

During his college search, Sahil Rizal’22 prioritized intellectual challenge and a small campus where it would be easy to meet people. He encountered intellectual challenge not only

Koont Htar’17

Taking advantage of on campus jobs

Koont Htar’17 learned data analysis skills in the Institutional Research office that led to first one job and then another.


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