Tuition Payments & Finances

Paying tuition, financial aid, and work study awards.


The information on these pages is currently for students entering in the Spring 2023 semester. Students entering in the following semester will be alerted when their onboarding process begins.

Related checklist items

Related checklist items

Billing statement will sent Dec. 2 or within 2 weeks of deposit after Dec. 2.

Due January 13, 2023

Due January 22, 2023 (before classes)

Paying your tuition

Beloit College has partnered with Nelnet Campus Commerce to offer an online billing enhancement that will allow families to manage education expenses online. This online website will allow you to retrieve your e-billing statement, view up-to-the-minute account activity, make payments, and enroll in an optional semester monthly payment plan.

The Bursar’s Office will send your semester e-bill electronically for your retrieval. Paper statements will not be mailed.

More information on how to access Nelnet and how to retrieve your e-statements will be emailed to your Beloit College email.

Payment options

Student Financial Records Release Form

Due to Federal student privacy regulations (FERPA), Beloit College can only discuss your financial account information with you, the student. If you want to allow family members to access and discuss your student financial records with Beloit College, please complete the Student Financial Records Information Release Form and submit it to the Financial Aid office by visiting our office (Pearsons Hall, second floor) or securely uploading your completed form here.

Financial aid

You should have received information in your application portal about any financial aid you qualify to receive. Some students need to submit additional documents to confirm their financial aid eligibility. Students who need to submit documents can view a list of required documents in their application portal. 

Federal Work Study, campus employment, and finding jobs

All financial aid awards now include work: either Federal Work Study (domestic students only) or campus employment. You are encouraged to find a position within the first three weeks of class. Available positions will be posted online throughout the summer. Most positions pay Wisconsin minimum wage ($7.25/hour). More varied opportunities may exist after your first year.

It is your responsibility to seek and secure work on campus.

Human Resources is the primary source of position listings, though we encourage you to network with departments as soon as you arrive (or even prior to arrival).

Necessary documents for paperwork—bring these with you!

While you may not have plans to work right away, it is very likely that you will work on campus, participate in a summer research program, or receive funding for an off-campus experience during your time at Beloit College. Why wait? Take care of payroll paperwork on move-in day and you will not have to worry about it later. Plus, your parents can take your important ID documents home with them for safe keeping.

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