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Please review all of the Incoming Students pages, especially the Timeline and Checklist, carefully. Most information applies to all students.

On this page, we’ve collected information specific to Transfer Students and Commuting Students; both additional requirements and exceptions to requirements.

Information for Transfer Students

Summer Timeline:

  • Transfer students who enroll by May 1 should adhere to all deadlines posted on the Timeline and Checklist.
  • Transfer students who enroll by June 15 should complete their First Steps as soon as possible and should adhere to all other deadlines posted on the Timeline and Checklist.
  • Transfer students who enroll after June 15 should complete all requirements outlined on the Timeline and Checklist within 30 days of enrolling or before arriving on campus, whichever comes first.

Advising and Registration:

Transfer students with sophomore and junior standing are automatically assigned to a Transfer Faculty Advisor. You’ll meet with your Transfer Advisor and a group of fellow transfer students during Summer Online Orientation and during New Student Days. Your Transfer Advisor is an expert on the curriculum and course registration process specific to the transfer experience, and you’ll be part of a strong community of new transfer students.

Submission of the AMP Advisor Matching Quiz is not required for transfers with sophomore and junior standing.

Transfer students with first-year standing are expected to submit the AMP Quiz and will be assigned an advisor accordingly. 

Meet your advisor:

Olga Ogurtsova

Adjunct Associate Professor of Modern Languages & Literatures (Russian)

Office: Room 8 (basement), World Affairs Center

Information for Commuting Students

Commuting Status:

As a residential college, 93% of our enrolled students live in campus housing in a variety of residence halls, special interest houses, and apartments. Learning is not limited to the classroom here, so it can be difficult to fully benefit from and fully contribute to the Beloit experience without living on or very near campus. Because of that, we expect on-campus residency for nearly all of our students.

If you are planning to commute, you are still expected to submit the Housing Agreement and Roommate Questionnaire. This will allow the Director of Residential Life to confirm that you are eligible to commute as well as to collect important information about your living plans in case of emergency.

New Student Days:

There are no activities for commuting students during New Student Move-In on August 23.

All students, including commuting students, are expected to attend New Student Days August 24-26. A complete schedule will be shared closer to the event, but attendance is critical to set yourself up for a successful first semester. You’ll meet mentors and classmates, get to know campus, and prepare for the start of classes.

Whether or not you live on campus, you are an important member of the Beloit community. We hope you’ll feel at home here and form deep connections with faculty, staff, and fellow students. New Students Days is where that begins.

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