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Not exactly homework, but we do need it done.

Related Checklist Items

Related Checklist Items

Get to know the Portal

The Portal is an online application that gives you access to your personal academic information: things like class schedules, grades, and transcripts. You can also register for courses and update personal information in the Portal. Many forms referred to in the Next Steps Checklist are available via the Portal under the “New Students” tab. Log in through campus resources or at portal.beloit.edu.

Forms available in the Portal

Emergency Contact Information

In case of emergencies, including weather alerts or other safety concerns, we need each student’s cell phone number (we have your beloit email). The emergency communication system simultaneously delivers messages via voice, text, and email. In addition, in the unlikely event that a student finds themselves in an emergency situation, college officials need to know who to contact. Please share your emergency contact information through the Portal

Student Health Forms

Student Health forms are due on the date listed above. Students who have not submitted health forms prior to the deadline will not be allowed to register for classes. If you have any questions about health forms, please email healthcenter@beloit.edu or call (608)363-2331. The forms mentioned above are available to print through the Health and Wellness Center page.

Health Insurance

All Beloit College students are required to show proof of health insurance coverage for the 2021-2022 academic year, or enroll in the Wellfleet health insurance plan. If proof of insurance form (waiver) or enrollment in the Wellfleet plan (selection) is not completed by the deadline, students will be enrolled in the Wellfleet plan and $1690 will be billed to their students account. Insurance charges cannot be removed from the tuition bill.

Whether you have your own insurance plan, or choose to enroll in the college’s plan, please note that you are responsible for paying your own medical expenses. Any medical expenses incurred will be billed to you and/or your insurance by the healthcare providers you see. Do not send insurance claims to the Health and Wellness Center or Athletics. Also plan to bring a copy of your insurance card and carry it with you at all times.


Athletic Health Information

Parental Education Form

The Parental Education Form has two short questions about the educational background of your parents. The information you provide will help us provide services to help students be successful at Beloit College.

Questionnaire for Advisor

Help your academic advisor get to know you! Log in to the Portal, go to the “New Students” tab, and complete the questionnaire for your advisor as soon as possible.

Submitting a Photo ID and Signature

Please submit a photo of yourself and an image of your signature so we can create your student ID. In addition to being your keycard on campus, your college photo ID can be used as official identification for voting, which requires use of legal name, portrait photo, signature, issued/expiry dates.

Use of Preferred Name on Campus (optional)

To encourage a more open and welcoming campus community environment, we allow any community member the option of using a “preferred” first and/or middle name on campus wherever possible. If you would like to submit a request to use a preferred name on campus, please visit the Preferred Name Policy page.

To ensure that your preferred name appears in a timely manner on class rosters, in Moodle, and throughout the Portal, we encourage you to submit your request as soon as possible.

Sexual Assault Awareness Assignment (required)

To assist students in arriving on campus ready to start a safe and health college life, you are required to successfully complete a sexual assault awareness tutorial online and then attend a presentation and discussion during New Student Days. The tutorial link is found on your Portal page. It can be stopped and started, but at least an hour is needed to complete it. Additionally, regulations on this topic are found in the student handbook.

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