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What should you do today to ensure you’re set up for success when you arrive on campus?

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As soon as possible

Due January 5

Complete the Advanced Mentoring Program (AMP) Quiz

The Advanced Mentoring Program (AMP) will provide you with advising and support through the college transition from before you arrive on campus through your second year.

Based on the results of your AMP Quiz, we’ll match you with an AMP Faculty Advisor who shares many of your interests, both in and out of the classroom. You’ll be part of a cohort of incoming students working with the same advisor, and in addition to weekly advising meetings, you’ll all be enrolled in the same AMP Intro Course taught by your advisor. 

Your AMP Intro preference is part of the matching quiz, so we encourage you to review the AMP Intros before submitting the quiz.

The AMP Quiz is available on your Applicant Status Page.

Complete the Housing Agreement, Roommate Questionnaire, and Meal Plan Selection

All incoming students, whether or not they plan to live on campus, are required to submit the Housing Agreement and Roommate Questionnaire, available on your Applicant Status Page.

The Questionnaire includes questions about the type of community you’d be most comfortable living in as well as questions about your habits and living style in order to place you with a roommate.

Using this information, the Residence Life team places students with compatible roommates in Residence Halls where they will be safe and comfortable. Placements will be sent out by email before your arrival on campus.

Quick notes on housing:

  • Most first-year students are placed in double rooms.
  • Most first-year students are placed in traditional residence halls. Review First-year Housing and note that the Roommate Questionnaire has the most up-to-date list of residence halls available to first-years. If a residence hall isn’t available on your form, it’s full or not available to first-years. Transfers and non-traditional students may see additional options.
  • You can request a roommate. Both students most submit matching roommate requests on their Roommate Questionnaire.

The Housing Agreement and Roommate Questionnaire is available on your Applicant Status Page.

Meal Plans for Incoming Students

All students living on campus are required to have a campus meal plan. Commuting students may choose to use a meal plan but are not required to do so.

All new first-year students are placed on a Blue Meal Plan at a cost of $2,451 per semester. The Blue Meal Plan has 2 options:

  • 14 swipes/week + $375 in flex dollars.
  • 19 swipes/week + $125 in flex dollars.

Transfer students with sophomore standing or above have the additional option of a Gold Meal Plan for a cost of $1,840 per semester:

  • 7 swipes/week + $335 in flex dollars.

Swipes are used once per meal period at The Commons Café, Beloit’s main dining hall located in Chapin Hall.

Flex dollars are like cash. They can be used at any dining location on campus (Hamilton’s in the Powerhouse, Commons, and SmartMarkets). Sales Tax is not charged on purchases made with Flex dollars. Flex dollars can carry over from Fall term to Spring term but expire at the end of the Spring semester.

You will select your preferred meal plan as part of your Housing Agreement and Roommate Questionnaire. You can make changes to your meal plan selection at the beginning of each semester via a Portal form.

Residential Accommodations

If you have a disability that requires residential accommodations, contact Learning Enrichment and Disability Services staff as soon as possible to ensure we are able to support you. This should be done prior to submitting your Roommate Questionnaire.

Complete the Beloit College ID Form

Your Beloit College ID is essential as you navigate campus. You’ll use your ID to access your residence hall, use your meal plan, retrieve your mail, and more. To ensure your ID is ready when you arrive on campus, complete the Beloit College ID Form in The Portal

As part of the form, you will need to submit a photo of yourself and your signature. Guidelines for your photo and signature are available on the form.

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