Arriving on Campus

Welcome to Beloit!

Mark your calendar

Move-In Dates:

  • Aug. 10 — SEL Move-In
  • Aug. 13 — Football Athlete Move-In
  • Aug. 16 — Cross Country, Soccer and Volleyball Athlete Move-In
  • Aug. 16 — International Student Move-In
  • Aug. 21 — New Student Move-In

Programming for New Students:

  • Aug. 17-21 — International Student Orientation
  • Aug. 21-25 — New Student Days (all students)
  • Aug. 26 — Convocation and First Day of Classes

Additional Information:

Mark your calendar

  • Jan. 17 — New Student Move-in
  • Jan. 18-20 — New Student Orientation

Additional Information:

Travel and Move-In:

Check the dates above for the day you should plan to arrive on campus. On your move-in day, please plan to arrive during working hours (8-4:30 p.m. CT). 

  • Coaches may be in touch with athletes with more specific instructions about your move-in.
  • Families are welcome on campus during move-in to help you get settled. New Student Days programming is for students only.

Traveling to Beloit:

Living On Campus

Please review the frequently asked questions about life on Beloit’s campus below. If you have additional questions, please contact Residence Life at

Getting to know the city of Beloit and the local area.

Beloit College extends beyond campus. Several campus facilities, including CELEB, Gallery ABBA, and the Hendricks Center for the Arts are located downtown.

Downtown Beloit is just a short walk down the hill from the main Beloit College campus. Within walking distance, you’ll discover plenty of dining options, cafés, and study spots with student specials. When you’re in need of a study break, you’ll also find open mic nights, trivia contests, live music, and plenty of fun social events in the Beloit community. On Saturday mornings from May to October, Beloiters love to gather at the downtown Farmers’ Market (which is renowned statewide).

Working on Campus

All Beloit students are eligible and encouraged to hold a job on campus. In addition to providing spending money or helping to cover the costs of college, campus work opportunities can be great learning opportunities providing staff mentors and teaching marketable skills.

You are encouraged to find a position within the first three weeks of class. Available positions will be posted online throughout the summer. Most positions pay Wisconsin minimum wage ($7.25/hour). More varied opportunities may exist after your first year.

It is your responsibility to seek and secure work on campus. Human Resources is the primary source of position listings, though we encourage you to network with departments as soon as you arrive (or even prior to arrival).

Necessary documents for paperwork

In order to work on campus, participate in a summer research program, or receive funding for an off-campus experience, you will have to show documents and complete paperwork. You are encouraged to complete this paperwork on move-in day, even if you’re not sure if you will hold a campus job.

Additional Details

New Student Days: August 21-25

New Student Days is your opportunity to make friends, meet mentors, and settle into your new campus home before returning students arrive and classes begin.

You’ll be part of an orientation group of new students matched with an Orientation Leader (OL) — an older student dedicated to helping you get to know the Beloit community. You can expect lots of activities focused getting to know each other, lots of time spent learning where everything is on campus, opportunities to meet with your AMP Advisor and AMP group in person(!) for the first time, and a chance to finish up any outstanding paperwork from the summer.

New Student Days schedule

We’ll be adding events once the schedule is finalized.

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