Professional Certifications

Get yourself an edge in the marketplace by developing job specific skills that are in demand at industry-leading companies.

About certifications

You can supplement your Beloit education by earning a professional certificate. These career training programs are designed by industry leaders at world-leading companies to give you skills that you need for success as a leader at Beloit and beyond. By taking courses through Coursera, you will earn certificates offered by Google, IBM, Meta, and other companies.

To earn a certificate, you will complete multiple courses, which are available online at any time throughout the year. Coursera is organized by certificates and makes clear what courses you need to take to earn the certificate. While you must take all courses specified to earn a specific certificate, you are free to enroll in any single courses that meet your targeted goals.

Certifications are not credit

These opportunities are intended to supplement, not replace, a Beloit College education. These courses and certificates are delivered through Coursera and certified by various third parties (e.g, Google, Meta, Salesforce, IBM). Coursera courses do not result in Beloit College credit and do not appear on Beloit transcripts.

Students who have earned certificates through Coursera may post badges on LinkedIn and indicate completion on their resumes. 

Getting started on a certification

Contact Career Works to sign up ( You will be asked to indicate which certificates or individual courses you’re interested in and what your plan is for completing them. Students with a clear plan–with deadlines and accountability– are the most likely to complete a professional certificate successfully.

Available Courses

Below are examples of course content and structure for the Coursera Academy. All courses are subject to change. 

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