We created this toolbox to help connect our students to online resources for help with homework, college preparation, the college search and application process, and financial aid. It is our hope that middle school and high school students will find these links useful.

Preparing for College

College Search/Applying to College

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Homework Help


  • Khan Academy- Do practice problems and watch videos teaching you how to do the problems step by step. Earn points and badges for all the problems you try, log your goals, and create a profile showing your skills, activity, and achievements.
  • Wolfram Alpha- Get information about different types of math, or type in a math problem to check your answers and see the steps of how to complete the problem.
  • Algebra Worksheet Generator- Tell the site what types of problems you want and it will create a worksheet (and answer guide). Great for giving yourself extra practice!
  • Click on your subject and then a sub-subject. Put in the problem, you’re having trouble with and it explains how to solve it.
  • Dave’s Short Trig Course- Notes on many trigonometry topics.
  • College Board: Battling Math Anxiety- Suggestions for doing your best in math
  • Math lessons for everything from Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Calculus, and more.
  • fun site with lots of lessons, math games, etc. for ages 13 and up
  • Discovery Education Math Help Links- Links to lots of helpful websites for all types of math


  • Purdue Online Writing Lab- Tons of great information. They have really informative MLA and APA formatting guides, as well as lots of articles about the writing process, rhetoric and logic, essay genres, style and language, citations, and more
  • Online Dictionary & Thesaurus- Look up word definitions in the dictionary or find similar words to help you avoid repetition using the thesaurus
  • Discovery Education English Help Links- Links to lots of helpful websites for various language arts topics such as grammar, literature, poetry, vocabulary, and more
  • Internet4Classrooms- Nearly 100 links to various fun and useful language arts resources


  • WebElements- Online Periodic Table. Click on the elements to get lots of info about them.
  • Khan Academy- Watch video lectures on a variety of different science topics, and ask questions about topics you don’t understand. Earn points and badges for all the problems you try, log your goals, and create a profile showing your skills, activity, and achievements.
  • Science Buddies- Science Fair Project Topic Selection Wizard. Asks you various questions about yourself and your preferences and then suggests multiple projects that are best suited for you
  • Discovery Education Science Help Links- Links to helpful resources for many various science topics
  • Online unit converter. Click on the type of conversion (for example, temperature, speed, length, etc.), then convert!
  • ITS Tutorial School Science Resources- Physics notes
  • Fun Science Resources- Links to lots of different resources geared more toward younger students
  • Government website about science

Social Studies

Foreign Language

  • Memrise- Learn any of the more than 150 languages on their site for free using interactive flashcards and vivid imagery and audio.
  • LiveMocha- Take free courses, converse with native speakers, write passages and get them corrected, play interactive learning games, and more with this great website designed to help you learn foreign languages.
  • Busuu- Learn languages online with interactive language courses and lessons.


  • Government website with lots of different info and activities on academic subjects for middle schoolers
  • Infoplease Homework Center- General info/homework help for core classes
  • Discovery Education- Homework help for lots of subjects (math, science, English, social studies, foreign language, health, art, reference, research, technology, etc.)

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