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Student Employment

In addition to our services for middle and high school students, the Help Yourself Program provides Beloit College students with valuable and meaningful work experiences that they are able to apply both in the classroom at Beloit and beyond. Our student staff is composed of students from all academic interest areas and years of study. Their diverse viewpoints, unique experiences, and individual backgrounds bring an exciting energy to the program.

Work study helps to achieve the college’s mission by enabling students to integrate the knowledge they gain in the classroom with hands-on experience. The Help Yourself Program in particular allows students to become engaged within the greater Beloit community through work with area youth. Our student staff members come from many different educational interest areas and are challenged to find a way to apply their own unique knowledge and experiences to their work with the Help Yourself Program, resulting in a new perspective on their chosen discipline.

Student workers play a very important role in the Help Yourself Program. They provide the major force behind our efforts by serving as tutors, workshop facilitators, teaching assistants, summer residential assistants, and interns. Additionally, our student workers serve as role models for our program participants. Help Yourself student staff are current college students and recent graduates. As they recently went through the college search and application process, they can provide valuable information to our students about how to best prepare for college.


As tutors, Beloit College students have the opportunity to work with students in our Mezzo or Pre-Collegiate programs. Tutors help program participants to better understand their academic materials and develop vital skills such as organization, time management, critical analysis, and writing structure.

The tutor job description will be available soon.

Use this application to apply.

Mezzo Mentors

Beloit College students are able to apply the knowledge and skills they gain in the classroom in a unique way by working as Mezzo Mentors. Mezzo Mentors create and run workshops on a variety of topics that challenge and enrich program participants and also help facilitate the Academic and Curricular Enhancement sessions at each Intermediate School.

The Mezzo Mentor job description will be available soon.

Use this application to apply.

Summer Positions

During the summer, we have a two-week summer program for Mezzo Academy participants and a three-week program for Pre-Collegiate participants. College students are needed to staff these programs. For both the Mezzo and Pre-Collegiate programs, summer mentors (SMs) act as a link between our teachers and the full-time staff. SMs attend classes with the students and assist teachers in whatever way they can. The summer program is a great way for college students to get to know the program participants better and to apply their skills in a more intensive setting. Download the Summer Mentor position description.

During the Pre-Collegiate summer program, college students are also needed to serve as RCs. Many of the Pre-Collegiate program participants live on campus, and the RCs supervise them in the dorms and during evening activities. Download the RC position description.

Students also have the opportunity to be the Summer Office Assistant. This is a full time office position. The Office Assistant serves as a liaison between office personnel, teachers, students, and SMs, and is responsible for assistance in general office procedures and related summer program duties.

Applications for SMs, RCs, and the office assistant are due by April 30, 2019.

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