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Help Yourself Programs

Help Yourself Programs are the only comprehensive academic program for low-income youth ages 12-18 supported by a college or university in the local area.

The Help Yourself Programs (HYP) are comprised of a set of unique, comprehensive academic and cultural enrichment programs and educational support services to supplement the curriculum in public and private schools. We are a community outreach initiative for low-income, minority, marginalized and under-represented youth in the Greater Beloit area. 


Serving the Beloit area for over 30 years, the Help Yourself Programs are dedicated to preparing local youth to be successful in school and preparing students to attend a four-year institution of higher education.

Our services are led by professional staff and by Beloit College students. We provide year-round academic advising, tutoring at area schools and on our college campus, monthly educational workshops, family events, financial aid education, college application and scholarship education, ACT preparation, and summer academic programs (both residential and commuter) for grades 6-12.

We are offering an opportunity for your child to receive early intervention by empowering them with the basic tools they need to enter and succeed in post-secondary education. In recent years, 100 percent of our participants have graduated from high school, with 95 percent of them going on to a four-year college immediately after graduation.

Experience for Beloit College Students

In addition to our services for middle and high school students, the Help Yourself Programs provide Beloit College students with valuable and meaningful work experiences that they are able to apply both in the classroom at Beloit and beyond. Our student staff have the opportunity to work directly with our program participants through their roles as tutors, facilitators, mentors, and RAs. They are able to gain knowledge and skills that can help them succeed in their future careers while sharing their own unique talents and experiences with our program participants.


Beloit College Help Yourself Programs are funded by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Beloit College. The programs have also been previously funded by Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation.

Regina Hendrix

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Beloit College Help Yourself Program Director Regina

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