Quarantine & Isolation Care

The Health & Wellness Center is here to assist you during this challenging time, and ensure that you and our community remain healthy and safe.

If you have any questions or concerns while you are in quarantine or isolation, please contact us at healthcenter@beloit.edu. If you need help after hours, please contact security at 608-363-2355.

If you need to schedule a Covid-19 Test or are experiencing symptoms, please contact the Health & Wellness Center at healthcenter@beloit.edu or 608-363-2331.

Quarantine & Isolation Instructions

All of these instructions are from the protective practices policy.

Residential Life

If you need to isolate, you must move to temporary housing on campus. Residential Life will determine where you will go and will assist you with the transition.

For those that live off campus, we ask that you quarantine or isolate in your own private room away from others. If you are unable to do so, please let us know and we can provide temporary housing on campus.


There are frozen meals, beverages, and snacks stocked on your floor in the common area during quarantine or isolation. Please let us know right away if you run out of anything.

Please contact healthcenter@beloit.edu with any questions or concerns pertaining to meals.


An email will go out from the Dean of Students Office to your work supervisors and instructors informing them of your isolation or quarantine. However, you are responsible for reaching out to your instructors directly about any missed coursework.

Covid Concierge Service

You may email us during regular business hours at healthcenter@beloit.edu and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Non-urgent responses received outside of regular business hours (9:00am - 5:00pm) or over the weekend will be addressed the following business day.

Outside of business hours, you may also contact Security and they will put you in touch with the ResLife Pro Staff.

If you need immediate assistance in the event of an emergency, please contact Security.

Isolation Release

You will receive a final email notifying you of your release. Please do not leave isolation prior to receiving the release email.

If you temporarily moved, you must return your room key to the Office of Residential Life. 

Please continue to wear your mask everywhere, physically distance yourself from others by at least 6 feet and follow all campus rules.

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