You’re well on your way preparing for study away, having developed your plan when you applied. Now it is time to manage the logistics.  

  • Register for PRAX 208: Preparing Immersive Learning in the 2nd mod of the semester before you start your study away program. This .25 unit course recognizes the work you’ve done to prepare for studying away and supports deeper learning which enriches your experience academically, professionally, and personally. The course is recommended, as research shows that a robust predeparture program is a key factor in the benefit you derive from studying abroad. It is not required. 
  • Predeparture Checklist: a list of steps to take before you go abroad and information about study abroad policies, including payments and financial aid
  • Plan Your Costs: download the Budget Worksheet to estimate your costs during your off-campus study and for guidance to work with Financial Aid to understand how your existing funding will apply to your semester abroad.

  • Health & Safety: staying safe and healthy while studying away
  • Social justice issues: Understand social justice and human rights in your host country
  • Managing an Emergency: what to do in case of an emergency situation
  • Policies: including information about billing and payments


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