When you apply to study abroad, you create a plan based on your previous studies and experiences, your hopes for your time abroad, and potential post-study abroad endeavors.

Application Deadlines

  • February 1st for the following year (fall, spring, academic year). This is the priority deadline and all students are encouraged to apply by this date. 
  • May 1st: late deadline for the following spring semester. Applications will be accepted for all program types. 

Application Process

There is a two-step process to being approved by Beloit College and admitted by your host institution. 

Process for Approval by Beloit College

  1. Consult with a study abroad advisor to select options that fit your academic goals. Work with your advisor throughout the application process. To make an appointment, go to Handshake.
  2. Meet with your faculty advisor(s) to discuss your plans and
    • Share courses you are interested in and learn how they may factor into your major and studies. Note: credit systems vary, so make sure you understand the credit conversions. See guide here for Beloit partnerships, and here for ISEP partnerships.
    • Request a recommendation from your advisor or another professor. See recommendation questions here. You will enter their email address in your application, and they will receive an email notification to request the recommendation. 
  3. Read the application questions and prepare a draft. Read the Policies page for study abroad. 
  4. Prepare your application in StudioAbroad
    • Access StudioAbroad using your Beloit username and password.
    • Search for your first choice program and start the application. Note: if your first choice is not an exchange program (marked as “Featured”), you will need to select a backup alternative that is an exchange program. See question #5 in the application to list your backup and rationale. 
    • Complete the short-answer and long-answer questions of the application. (We recommend that you compose, share and revise your essays in a word processing program rather than typing directly into the application form.)
    • Request your recommendation within the StudioAbroad application. Your faculty advisor will receive a message asking them to complete a recommendation in the StudioAbroad system.
    • Upload your unofficial transcript from the Portal into the application.
  5. Receive approval from the Global Experience Office and the Global Experience Committee.
  6. Consider registering for the PRAX 208: Preparing for Immersive Learning (0.25 units). This is a pre-departure workshop you complete the semester before you study away. There is a non-credit alternative that all students must complete, at a minimum. 

Process for Admission into your Host Institution 

  1. Submit an application for admission to the relevant university/program after being approved to study abroad by Beloit College. Do so earlier rather than later to secure your spot and take care of administrative steps.

Application Essay Prompts

Semester Study Away

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