Costs, Scholarships and Financial Aid

We do what we can to make these Global Experience Seminars available to all Beloit students.


Students pay tuition and a program fee, which will be added to their student account in the summer. Costs include airfare, which will be purchased for student participants.

  • Tuition: $3,500 (for 1.5 units)
  • Program fee: $1,500 (airfare, housing, all program activities, course materials, and meals)
  • Total: $5,000 before scholarships


A total of $40,000 is available in scholarships to support participation in these programs.

$33,000 is available for need-based scholarships. Eligibility for these scholarships is determined in collaboration with the Financial Aid Office. These awards range from $500-$3000, depending on financial need.

Students who receive Pell Grants during the academic year may also receive up to $1700 in additional aid through the Summer Pell Program. Talk to Financial Aid about your aid package and eligibility.

$7,000 is set aside for second-year students (class of 2026) who have not previously participated in a short-term study abroad program at Beloit. These awards are $500. Second year students are also eligible for additional need-based aid, as outlined above.

First year students are encouraged to use their Alumni Opportunity Award towards these programs. Meet with the Global Experience Office to discuss ways your award can be applied to study abroad.

A Beloit Loan of up to $1000 is also available to all students. Talk to the Financial Aid Office to learn more.  

How do I know How Much Financial Aid I am Eligible For?

Discuss your financial aid package for summer with a member of the Financial Aid Office by contacting They will be able to share your anticipated aid package for summer 2024 Global Experience Seminars. 

Upon acceptance, you will receive your aid offer. You can use this to make your decision.

Note that this aid is only applicable to summer 2024 Beloit Global Experience Seminars. Your aid eligibility will change for future programs; continue to work with Financial Aid.

Refund Policy

Upon admission to a course, students will be notified of a refund schedule and a final withdrawal deadline. After this deadline, students who withdraw or drop the course without an acceptable and documented reason will forfeit all non-recoverable costs, up to and possibly exceeding the full tuition and program fee. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal include severe illness or significant life events that affect the students ability to productively participate in the course.

Students whose academic or disciplinary standing change between the time of admission and final withdrawal deadline may be asked to withdraw from the program and will be charged for any non-recoverable costs.

If a course is canceled by Beloit College for any reason (including not meeting minimum enrollment), students will receive a full refund or cancellation of charges.

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