Costs, Scholarships and Financial Aid

We do what we can to make these Global Experience Seminars available to all Beloit students.


Students pay tuition and a program fee, which will be added to their student account in the summer. Costs include airfare, which will be purchased for student participants.

  • Tuition: $2,500
  • Program fee: $1,000
  • Total: $3,500

A deposit is required to secure a spot. After the commitment deadline, admitted students will be charged a nonrefundable deposit of $500 against their student account. Students must notify the Global Experience Office prior to this deadline to avoid being charged.

If a course does not meet its minimum number of students required, all deposits will be fully canceled and refunded.


First and second year students are eligible for an award to cover the program fee. Priority will be given to students with moderate to high financial need.

Financial Aid

Summer financial aid may be available based on the credit value of the course.

Students eligible for a Pell Grant during the academic year may be eligible for a summer Pell Grant. Beloit loans may also be available to all students.

Discuss your financial aid package for summer with a member of the Financial Aid Office by contacting

Refund Policy

Upon admission to a course, students will be notified of a final withdrawal deadline. After this deadline, students who withdraw or drop the course without an acceptable and documented reason will forfeit all non-recoverable costs, up to and possibly exceeding the full tuition and program fee. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal include severe illness or significant life events that affect the students ability to productively participate in the course.

Students whose academic or disciplinary standing change between the time of admission and final withdrawal deadline may be asked to withdraw from the program and will be charged for any non-recoverable costs.

If a course is canceled by Beloit College for any reason, students will receive a full refund or cancellation of charges.

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