Apply for a Seminar

The Global Experience Seminar is a good first opportunity to delve into critical global issues.


All Beloit College students in good academic standing are eligible to participate in a Global Experience Seminar. Summer 2024 applications are due December 1, 2023.


Student participants are expected to imagine ways to build upon the short-term seminar experience to immerse themselves in a longer and more intense global experience, such as semester- or year-long study abroad, an internship abroad, a fellowship, or other opportunity.

Be ready to answer the following essay questions:

  1. How will participation in this study program help to advance your overall goals for your undergraduate studies?
  2. How might you build upon this experience in studies after the program? (i.e. taking courses to further explore the topic or region, pursuing semester-long study abroad, internship, other activities.)


After viewing the program page, click on the blue “Apply Now” button to get started. You will apply through StudioAbroad using your Beloit credentials. 

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