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Global Experience Office

Study Abroad

Observe the world. Engage with people. Reflect on experiences.

Study Abroad in the Fall of 2022, Spring 2023 or Academic Year!

         February 1, 2022: Application deadline for Fall 2022, Spring 2023 and Academic Year           2022-2023.

        September 15, 2022: Final deadline for applying to study abroad or off-campus for              the spring 2023 semester.

Advising: To consider options that meet your academic and personal goals and to discuss logistics, make an advising appointment to meet with Kathy Landon, Study Abroad Advisor: landonk@beloit.edu.

Study Abroad in Summer 2022

Students can participate in a 3-week course that includes traveling to another country. Don’t just learn about the cultures and lives of others: experience it for yourself first-hand.

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Sabrina Sanchez’17

Looking Upstream to Understand Disparities in Health Outcomes

Sabrina Sanchez’17 is pursuing graduate studies to better understand and fix the structural factors that result in health outcome disparities.

Marcos Arroyo’16 collecting water samples, surveying vegetation, and using a sonde to measure water quality.

Career ready after learning in and outside the classroom

Miami native Marcos Arroyo’16 went from feeling out of place as a first-year student to thriving after finding his focus and opportunities to apply what he was learning outside the classroom.


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