Olga Ogurtsova, Russian Program Coordinator and Faculty Director of CLS. Olga Ogurtsova, Russian Program Coordinator and Faculty Director of CLS.Since its founding in 1983, the Russian program has proven to be the model for successful immersive language study at CLS. We have consistently been able to offer four levels of Russian, with one of the highlights being “Political Russian,” designed for advanced students. Our experienced instructors are committed to the communicative approach. Each textbook chosen is appropriate for the intensive, fast-paced nature of the Russian language programs, and reflects post-Soviet Russian society.

Dancing Russian style. Dancing Russian style.Study of culture forms a vital component of our program. Knowledge of Russian culture not only plays a practical role in building proficiency in Russian, but also helps students to understand a remarkable land and people rich in history and of critical importance in today’s world. Our faculty take enormous pleasure in introducing students to a wide range of cultural expressions, including music, film, stories, poetry, and cartoons. Russian students know that each day is going to be both challenging and stimulating.

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Michael P., Advanced Russian Student

“My Russian instructor at CLS was always knowledgeable, well-prepared, encouraging, and enthusiastic. The class covered an amazing amount of information. I met all the learning goals that I had set for myself. Being a language professional by trade and having studied and taught foreign languages myself, I can attest to the professionalism of the staff and the benefit of the program. When I was at CLS 14 years ago, I was impressed, and that is the reason I returned this year. I hope to return to the program again in the future.”

Ryan H, Advanced Russian Student

“From day one CLS challenged and expanded my language skills in the four areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Between translating yesterday’s Russian newspaper articles about U.S.-Russia relations and having heated debates in the guise of various political figures, we barely had time to note the daily improvement in our skills. By the time of the final though, it became apparent that we had all progressed beyond our expectations. The program is intensive and certainly demanding, but I am convinced that I got out of it even more than I put in.”

Alyssa, Third Year Russian Student

“From my first day on campus I knew next to nothing about the Russian language or culture. I started out painstakingly trying to keep up with just the alphabet for the first week. Even though I had studied another foreign language before, I had forgotten how hard it can be in the beginning. I studied and did my homework for hours every night during CLS. While it was a little overwhelming at first, I’m extremely glad I stuck through it.

“At the end of the program, I felt like I had gained a vast gateway of knowledge into the language. CLS gave me an opportunity to start my second year of Russian as a first year student at Beloit College. As of now I feel more confident in my ability to speak, read, and write in Russian. I fully recommend this program because not only does it challenge you to enhance your language skills or to start from scratch, but you also gain unforgettable memories. The professors are amazing and are always willing to take the time to explain harder concepts.

“I’m coming back to CLS this summer to strengthen my current language skills and to grasp an even greater understanding of the language before I study abroad. CLS brings everyone together and creates a family of fellow language enthusiasts building new and inspiring memories based off the foundation of learning.”

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