Satisfactory Academic Progress

Academic requirements to renew your financial aid.

In compliance with federal regulation (34 CFR 668.34), the Financial Aid Office monitors each student’s academic progress towards their degree to ensure the student is pursuing their degree at a satisfactory pace. In the financial aid world, this is called Satisfactory Academic Progress. We measure a student’s progress by using both qualitative and quantitative standards, which are listed below. 

A student’s entire academic history is considered, whether or not the student received federal aid. These standards are separate and distinct from the College’s Standards of Academic Progress policy administered by the Academic Performance Committee (see the Beloit College Catalog). 

For the purposes of federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs, student academic records will be reviewed at the end of each payment period (semester) using the standards defined below in order to determine whether the satisfactory academic progress required for continued eligibility has been met. 

Three standards are used to measure academic progress for financial aid eligibility:

1. Cumulative Grade Point Average

To retain financial aid eligibility a student must academically progress towards their degree by maintaining a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or greater.

2. Completion Rate

The completion rate is calculated by dividing the number of units satisfactorily completed by the number of units attempted. Attempted units are those in which the student is enrolled after the semester add/drop deadline. To retain financial aid eligibility a student must earn 67% or more of the credit units attempted. For example, a student who successfully completes 3 of 4 units attempted has a 75% completion rate and is considered to have met Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid eligibility.

3. Maximum Timeframe

A student is no longer eligible to receive financial aid once s/he has attempted 150% or more of the units required to complete the degree for which the student is currently enrolled. For example, a program requiring 31 units of credit to graduate would allow 46.5 attempted hours (31 x 1.5 = 46.5). The maximum time frame is not increased for changes in major, double majors, or adding a minor in another subject area. Teacher certification is a stand-alone program and will be calculated on its own.

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