Cost of Attendance

The cost of college can be overwhelming. Be sure to review the types of financial assistance available at Beloit College and how to apply. 

Costs for the 2024-25 Academic Year

Student Activity Fee 
Food (full meal plan-required the first year) 
Health/Wellness Fees
Total Direct Costs$72,150
Additional Fees
Health Insurance*
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment (estimate)
Personal Expenses (estimate)
Total Indirect Costs$5,016

* All international students must purchase the College’s health insurance plan; domestic students may opt out with proof of comparable coverage.

Students should also prepare to experience transportation expenses ranging anywhere from $300 to $2,500/yr, depending on their proximity to the campus. 

Average costs after financial aid

We invest in you. The figures provided below represent the average financial aid offer and net cost by family income. These figures include the loans that were offered.

Family Income

Average Financial Aid, including loans

Average cost after all types of aid, including loans




$55,000 - $94,999



$95,000 - $149,999






Excluded from this data are families with assets (not income) that exceed $80,000, independent students, students who receive tuition benefits from a parent’s employer, and students who do not file a FAFSA. The amount of loans offered to each student who completes the FAFSA varies from $5,500/yr-$8,500/yr.

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