Sustain Beloit: Trash & Recycling

Starting fall 2022, a new trash and recycling program will help each of us own — and dispose of — the waste we create.

What is Sustain Beloit?

Sustain Beloit Sustain Beloit is a student-led initiative to improve recycling practices on campus and keep Facilities staff safe.

Here is what you need to know and do:

  1. Beloiters will take out their trash and recyclables and deposit them in bins outside their buildings, offices, dorm rooms, etc. Your trash, your task.
  2. Learn what to throw away and what to recycle. If you’re uncertain about whether something is recyclable, put it in the trash.
  3. Respect the Facilities staff who do so much to keep our community beautiful.

Let’s all do our part to Sustain Beloit.

Trash and Recycling Process

  1. Prepare the bins in your space. If a bin doesn’t have a bag already, set up a new bag. 
    • Trash bins must use clear plastic bags.
    • Recycle bins can use either blue bags or paper bags as liners.
  2. Fill the bins with your trash and recycling.
    • Trash should include food waste, plastic bags, plastic wrap or film, styrofoam, pizza boxes, bubble wrap, anything with food or liquids on it, black plastic, chewing gum, condiment packages, chip bags, tape, ceramics and dishes, disposable cups and silverware and dishes, and anything else not recyclable.
    • Recycle can only include glass containers, aluminum & steel cans, dry paper, flattened cardboard, and plastic labeled 1 or 2.
  3. Locate your outside bins. Each building should have their own set of bins. If you are unsure which are your bins, ask your RA, building coordinator or contact Facilities.
  4. Empty full bags into your outside bins. Work with others in your space to work out a regular schedule or process.
    • Trash bags (clear) can be thrown away as-is into an outside trash bin.
    • Recycle bags (blue) must not be included in recycling.  Empty the bag’s contents into an outside recycling bin and then place the bag into a trash bin.
  5. Repeat as needed. If you need additional rolls of bags, contact your RA or building coordinator.

RAs & Building Coordinators

  1. Find a space in your room, office, floor, or building for two boxes of bags.
  2. Give a roll of bags to building inhabitants who request it.
  3. Put in a Facilities request for a new box when yours runs out.

Frequently Asked Questions

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