Mail Center

The campus mail center on the ground floor of Pearsons Hall helps the campus community send and receive mail and packages.

Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Closed on Holidays


Lower Level, Pearsons Hall

About the Mail Center

The Mail Center is essentially a post office at Beloit College. You can mail and receive packages and letters. 

  • USPS, UPS, Fed Ex Express and Fed Ex Ground pickup and deliver daily.
  • A valid picture ID is required for all package pickups.
  • A prepaid label is required for all packages being shipped out.
  • An e-mail notification is sent to individuals notifying them of a package ready for pickup from the Mail Center.
  • Stamps are available for purchase.

Addressing packages to campus

[Individual Name or Department Name]
Box # [Department or Individual Box Number]
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 53511

These are notes from previous sites and personal experience, as well as drafts of potential language to consider.  Anything in this box will not display on the website.

Receiving Packages

Packages are available for pick-up once your receive a “Package Receipt Notification” from the Mail Center. You may get other notifications when a package reaches campus, but please give Mail Center staff time to identify and sort packages so we can help you quickly when you come to pick it up.


  • The Mail Center does not allow pick of items using another individuals ID.

Campus stuffing regulations (still needed?)

Stuffing is sending of a mass mailer piece by a campus group to all students.

  • Approval must be obtained from either Residential Life, Student Engagement and Leadership, or from the professor in charge.
  • Approval from the Mail Center as to scheduling is required.
  • Only 2 students may be in the Mail Center at a time to do the stuffing.
  • All stuffing pieces must have an approval slip to put the stuffing in.

Other details

  • “Mail is sorted and distributed in boxes by 10:30 a.m. each day.”
  • “Students will keep the same mailbox for their entire stay at Beloit College unless the student is off campus for 1 year.”
  • Brief description of how to open a mailbox.
  • Details regarding how students receive their packages and mail.
  • How to find a student’s mail center box number.
  • Links to shipping forms, if to be done in advance.
  • Mail forwarding.
  • Approximate times that certain companies make their deliveries or pickups.
    • When should students bring a package to be sent if to go that day?
  • Bulk mailing?
  • “Students are encouraged to check their mailboxes 1.4 million times per week.”
  • Student employment opportunities
  • Diagram of a properly addressed letter.
  • Purchasing of stamps, boxes, and envelopes, potentially including prices, options, etc.
    • “The MAIL CENTER has only FedEx and Priority boxes. You must have you own packaging otherwise.”

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