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Student Statement of Culture

We, the students of Beloit College, expect all members of our community to practice anti-racism by continuing to unlearn internalized racist ideologies, follow institutional guidance to mitigate the risk of COVID-19, and contribute to a safe and vibrant campus life.

  • We recognize that historically white institutions like Beloit College were created to serve the privileged and perpetuate white ways of knowing that can inflict violence towards nonwhite members. With this awareness, we endorse and are committed to actualizing the Student Demands put forward by Black Students United and working to create an anti-racist institution
  • We understand -isms and phobias, such as racism and transphobia, to be rooted in power, benefitting possessors of a dominant identity at the expense of those being marginalized.
  • To mitigate the risk posed by COVID-19, we are committed to following institutional health guidance and directives. We will continue to critically evaluate and advocate for what we see to be the best path forward — but not in ways that put members of our community at increased risk.
  • We act as responsible members of our community by following the student life guidelines laid out in the Behavioral Expectations document.
  • We prioritize our physical and mental health because self care is community care. We acknowledge that everyone has had different experiences with the spread of COVID-19; that some of us have not had equal access to healthcare or proper protection from the virus.
  • We recognize face coverings to be an effective tool to curb the spread of the COVID-19 and wear face coverings as advised.
  • We hold our club and organization meetings, as well as personal gatherings, outdoors whenever possible.
  • We adhere to the occupancy limits of shared spaces and maintain their cleanliness at the level necessary to ensure campus safety.
  • In accordance with the BSG Behavioral Expectations we continue to use athletic facilities on campus for sports, recreation and exercise .
  • We are aware of the risks present when we engage with populations outside of the Beloit College campus community and take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe and healthy return for all.
  • We claim our education by promoting critical thinking and adhering to the highest standards of academic honesty.

The Student Statement of Culture, proposed by the Beloit Student Government and ratified by the Beloit College student body on 08/12/20, should be revised no later than fall semester, 2022.

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