Behavioral Expectations

In response to COVID-19, the Beloit Student Government through the BSG Social Working Group has developed the following guidelines for student life.

1. Self Care is Community Care

Social Distancing

Maintaining a physical distance of at least 6 feet is required whenever possible. When a physical distance of at least 6 feet is difficult, students must make sure to cover their faces with cloth face coverings. Students must also take responsibility for maintaining a safe distance with people of the college community who are at high risk of contracting the virus.

Daily Check-ins

It is important to check-in with yourself for any signs of COVID-19. While on campus, it is required to check-in daily using the self-assessment program set forth by the college.

Wearing Cloth Face coverings

Wearing a cloth face covering is required at all times, inside and outside, unless you are alone in a personal space, such as your dorm room or home. Students are required to have a cloth face covering with them at all times for use whenever needed. Cloth face coverings include masks, face shields, bandanas, scarves, etc. They must cover the mouth and the nose completely.


Attendance policies will be made more relaxed during the next two modules, because of this it will be easier to take days off when you feel sick. Sick in COVID-19 times means something different than sick in normal times; if you feel sick in the slightest do not push through —stay home to keep yourself and others safe. Stay in communication with necessary staff and faculty about your health for yourself and our community.


A healthy individual plays an important role in maintaining good community health, therefore taking care of yourself is an essential step in contributing to a healthy community. Maintain physical health by taking essential steps like abiding by recommendations that are made to help you. Individuals must abide by the guidelines set by other groups of student life. Prioritize your mental health by utilizing campus resources like consulting the Health and Wellness Center, talking to your friends, a faculty member, family member, RAs, using helpline numbers, etc.

2. Gatherings and Residential Life

Hugging & Physical Intimacy

If you feel hugging is a necessity, refer to the article “How to Hug During a Pandemic” . Hug sparingly, acknowledge that hugging might make others anxious. If you choose to have intimate contact you’re putting yourself at whatever risk your partners are exposing themselves to, if you don’t trust their decisions think critically. The same applies to anyone you spend a lot of time with, but it is especially important in regards to partners.

Hosting Events

At parties and social gatherings, either planned or impromptu (in the case of social gatherings as parties are never impromptu) , it is the responsibility of attendees to model and encourage responsible alcohol use, ensure the location allows for appropriate physical distancing, and follow COVID-19 protective practices. All parties are still required to be registered and given approval. All gatherings are encouraged to be outdoors as much as possible. COVID-19 necessitates that all parties and social gatherings being held on campus allow for physical distancing. Some gatherings often form without a designated host and all attendees are responsible for their physical distancing, cloth face covering usage, and general behavior.


The alcohol regulations from last year still stand. Responsible drinking is allowed on campus. No sharing or distributing drinks/bottles/cups. Coolers are still not allowed outdoors. Be at least six feet apart when removing your cloth face covering to drink. Try using a straw if possible.


While smoking avoid sharing pieces or lighters, continue practicing physical distancing, and be conscientious of where you blow your smoke. The same rules apply as last year and marijuana is still illegal in Wisconsin.

Outdoor Gatherings

Physically distance as much as possible and wear cloth face coverings. All gatherings are encouraged to be outdoors as much as possible.

At outdoor parties be sure to keep open containers of alcohol out of view from public property (like the street) to avoid the possibility of police intervention. Be cognizant of nearby living spaces and keep the volume reasonable — especially after 11 pm on weeknights and 2 am on weekends. Security will intervene if:

  • There appears to be a lot of alcohol present,
  • Attendees are excessively inebriated,
  • There is excessive noise, or
  • If someone complains.

Indoor Gatherings

Students are expected to follow occupancy rules for indoor spaces. Physical distancing and cloth face covering-wearing is required. When gatherings take place, use the largest space available. Be mindful of quiet hours and those living nearby. Clean up before and after, if applicable, using provided wipes, etc.

Dining Halls

Students are expected to follow the guidelines put into place by the dining halls as well as follow physical distancing and safety guidelines. Eating outside while physically distancing is encouraged.


Kitchens are open and users are expected to clean up and sanitize with provided supplies after use. It is the responsibility of the students to keep the kitchens clean. This involves the daily upkeep of the kitchen, cleaning dishes, not letting spills and stains accumulate, etc. Housekeeping will still do the regular deep cleaning of the kitchens. The kitchens staying open are contingent on them being kept clean and sanitary.

Ordering Food and Groceries

When ordering, try to have as little contact with the delivery person as possible. Use Contactless Delivery options when available. Wear cloth face coverings during pickup and sanitize your hands after.

3. Clubs / Groups / Organizations and Academic Spaces

Host and Organization Responsibilities

When taking on the responsibility of hosting an event, you/your group must set a good example for all of the people participating.

  • Wear your cloth face coverings
  • Enforce social distancing
  • Clearly display the rules of the space you are in by having social distancing markers
  • Have cleaning supplies
  • Have a record of whoever attended your event (for contact tracing purposes)
  • Have extra personal protective equipment (cloth face coverings, hand sanitizer, gloves, face shields, wiped, etc). This way everyone is comfortable and can participate!

Delegate Time to Prep and Sanitize your Place

Someone will need to come to the group meeting space before the meeting starts and perform sanitation tactics to make sure that the space is safe for attendees. This includes but is not limited to: wiping down all surfaces that may be touched, spraying Lysol to disinfect, having cloth face coverings, gloves, etc set out. All members will need to clean the space that they occupied before evacuating the area. This includes but is not limited to: wiping down all surfaces that have been touched, cleaning any materials that were used (markers, writing utensils, staplers, whiteboards, etc,) and disinfecting door knobs and light switches.

Manage the Number of People at a Gathering

Before the gathering, it is important to lay out a plan that ensures that large groups of people will not be entering into a space at once. Whether this means having lines or predetermined groups with predetermined entrance times, etc. It is also important to delegate how members will be exiting the room. This should be discussed in addition to delegating how the space will be cleaned. When exiting the room it is important to maintain social distancing while limiting the number of people who touch the same surface.

Contact Tracing

During an event, the club/ organization should make note of who has attended their event. This is very important for organizations and clubs to do since it helps with contact tracing. Clubs and organizations should think about delegating this responsibility to make sure that throughout the event someone is always taking note of who has been there.

4. Athletics / Sports / Rec / Workout

Sports Center/ Powerhouse Check-ins

Follow the rules set forth by the Sports Center and the Powerhouse. Front desk workers should double-check whether the items returned were sanitized before handing it out to another group.


We should adhere to all the guidelines set up in each of the weightroom. Everyone should wipe off the equipment after use. If working out together, whether with the team or friends, try to limit the number of people to 2 per squat rack. The most important thing is to be responsible for the time spent, try to get in and out of the weightroom so that others could use the equipment.


As of right now, there are no plans to include contact intramural sports, but this will be revisited as the semester continues. Non-contact intramurals such as Esports will be allowed to continue.

Recreational activities/classes

If any recreational activities take place such as yoga, we should adhere to guidelines set up by the campus rec group. Equipment used in these events, such as yoga mats, should be properly wiped off after use. If possible, it is encouraged to bring our own yoga mats.

5. Greek Life

Moving Day

All returning students in Greek life organizations, must move into the houses at different times on their assigned move-in day as determined by the first letter of their last name. Those living in greek houses must arrive on the day assigned by Beloit College (see below) and follow the move-in directions prescribed by the Residential Life Office. In addition to the directions issued by the Residential Life Office, members, living in the house, would sign up with their respective Presidents or Vice-Presidents before moving in. In certain cases, where two members request to move in at the same time on their assigned day, they will be using different doors. This is because we not only wanted to keep the students safe, we would want to keep the people dropping them off safe by making them have limited exposure.

The move-in days for returners:

  • Last Name starts A-G on the 29th from 8 am - 2 pm
  • Last Name starts H-P on the 30th from 8 am - 2 pm
  • Last Name starts Q-Z on the 31st from 8 am - 2 pm


Different organizations have different traditions, number of members, chapter rooms, and their capacity. So, we recommend each organization to try out different spaces, which allows them to socially distance the members. However, each member will be asked to wear a cloth face covering, sanitize their hands, have temperature checked before entering the chapter venue. Also, where chapter traditions allow, members who spend the most time together, play the same sport and members living outside the house will sit together.


Initiation will likely depend on class size. However no matter the class size, each chapter would minimize the number of members attending the ceremony. Ideally, the members who are involved in the ceremony (most likely officers, bigs) will only be in the room. Also, if there are a lot of initiates, each new initiate will be brought into the room one at a time.

Rush Events

Rush events will be held outside when possible. Each chapter will be as creative as possible to come up with events that could be held outside, virtually, will require minimum contact, and will allow for social distancing. In terms of indoor events, the number of current members in the event will rotate into different shifts.

Exec Meetings

Exec Meetings could take place in meeting rooms designated by the school, chapter room, virtually, or common area in the houses. In terms of in-person meetings, the group will adhere to social distancing principles, sanitize, and wear a cloth face covering.

Brotherhood & Sisterhood & Siblinghood Events

Like the rush events, each chapter will be as creative as possible to come up with events that could be held outside, virtually, will require minimum contact, and will allow for social distancing. Also, virtual events will be conducted for students who could not make it to the school this semester to keep them in touch with the chapter. These events will also follow the same guidelines as a chapter.


IFPC will be held virtually. It will be the platform where chapters share ideas and talk about how they tackled certain greek events. Chapters are recommended to use the platform to get more perspective on how certain events could be done. More IFPC meetings maybe once every week.

Community Service

This depends on where the chapter is going to volunteer. If travel to a certain place is needed, members will be spread out into as many trips it is needed to travel safely. Between Beloit College’s protective practices and the volunteer organization’s rules, students should follow the more stricter rules.


Indoor open parties will not take place for at least the first module. All open parties will take place outside in a location recommended by the school and have to be registered with the school. Cloth face coverings are required . Sharing drinks is prohibited. Cups will not be reused. Security will be tightened and more members will be assigned shifts. Members working in security are expected to take people’s temperature when entering. Roamers in the party will check whether everyone is following the guidelines set by the host. Different doors for entry and exit will be used to better monitor the people in the party. As for the closed parties, the chapter will evaluate the safety of the attendees before throwing one. Closed parties will follow the same restrictions as the open parties. These parties will also adhere to occupancy guidelines.


Chapters will discuss this in the IFPC, and only have in-person mixers if they feel it is safe until then all the mixers will take place virtually. Mixers will follow the same principles as parties.

6. Off-campus

Students Working Off-campus

Students working off-campus are expected to follow the campus protective practices, even if it isn’t a compulsion for the job or academic work. We recommend students to be self-aware about their well being and practice a higher level of social distancing on campus. Be aware that by spending time in contact with people outside the campus community there is an increased level of risk, please be conscientious of this risk when engaging both at your workplace and on campus.

Personal trips

Venturing off campus to visit a restaurant, bar, or store is acceptable but should be avoided. While in the community please continue to follow the campus protective practices as well as any additional guidance provided by establishment owners. Cloth face coverings and open windows are encouraged when using private cars

Trips to other cities

Student travel out-of-town is permitted. While off-campus please continue to follow the campus protective practices and avoid traveling to hot spots for COVID-19.

Club and Organization trips

Clubs and organizations planning trips are expected to do so in a way that enables all participants to follow the campus protective practices. Please, when possible, avoid destinations that will bring members of your group into contact with large crowds. Organization and club leaders are also encouraged to use Beloit College’s vans at capacity from security and to bring extra cloth face coverings and hand sanitizers for their scheduled trip.

Dating / Friends Off-campus

Without question, you may continue to see your friends and significant others who live off-campus. Please recognize that you are exposing yourself to the same level as risk as the person you are visiting and be sure to engage in protective practices whenever possible. If the person you are visiting reports COVID symptoms please self-quarantine and get tested immediately.

Visitors to campus

All visitors should register with security and follow campus protective practices. If you are hosting a visitor, please ensure that they understand and comply with the protective practices. Avoid bringing visitors to densely-populated spaces or events.

Walmart Shuttles

Walmart shuttles will continue to run on an adjusted schedule at capacity from security. Campus protective practices must be followed while in the van and at Walmart. Students may also place an order online and have it picked up by the shuttle drivers to decrease van ridership.


You should still vote. One of the best ways to mitigate COVID risk is to request an absentee ballot, which you can do here or for specific Wisconsin voters at My Vote Wisconsin.

Otherwise, if you’re a registered Wisconsin voter, registered to vote in Beloit, and plan to vote in person:

  • For the August 11th Partisan Primary, you may vote at the Central Christian Church located at 2460 Milwaukee Road.
  • For the November 3rd General Election, you can vote at First Congregational Church located at 801 Bushnell Street.

If you live off-campus and require more information such as determining which ward you live in and your polling place, they can be found at these links for the wards map and Beloit Voter information.

While at the polling place, remember to continue the protective practices:

  • Social distance when possible
  • Wear a cloth face covering at all times
  • Wash your hands upon finishing voting.

You can simultaneously keep our community safe and perform your civic duty.


Large gatherings is a high-risk setting for COVID transmission, however, you are encouraged to demonstrate the change you want to see in the world. If you choose to attend a protest or rally off-campus please weigh the risks associated with doing so. For instance, an event held outdoors, with regular movement (like marching), and proper protective practices in place is much lower risk than an indoor gathering with little movement. Please conduct a thoughtful analysis of risks before deciding to attend an event and factor in the wellbeing of our entire community. While at the event and when back on campus, please remain diligent about our community’s protective practices.

The Student Behavioral Expectations, was drafted by the Beloit Student Government Social Working Group on 08/12/20 in response to the COVID-19 virus.

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