Interested in playing at the C-Haus? Or holding an event?

For bands

Student bands and off-campus acts can reach out to for all booking inquiries.

A few things to know

  • C-Haus is primarily booking live acts for Saturday shows at this time, so bear that in mind when considering potential dates.
  • C-Haus is a relatively small and intimate space. We’ve got a lot to offer, including a great sound system, lots of beer, pool, comfy couches, and a lot of history. There are some things we can’t provide, though. We don’t have a green room space and we cannot sell or serve hard liquor.

For students

Do you want to suggest a band or act?

Contact to bring your ideas to the programming committee.

Do you make music and need a place to rehearse?

Come use our space and our gear. The C-Haus is open for rehearsal hours on select evenings. Complete the C-Haus Open Rehearsal Hours form to book your practice time.

Do you want to host an organization-sponsored event in the C-Haus?

Send an inquiry to or drop in to an upcoming programming committee meeting to make a proposal.

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